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  1. Hexent

    Seasonal realms idea

    I'm pretty sure its the classless system that brings new people to ascension. Private server reviewers I've seen on Youtube check out High Risk at some point but quickly lose interest when they can't progress their character because of too much ganking.
  2. Hey everyone! First of all sorry if you're here looking for tips. I'm actually making this post because I am making a Tank in season 2 and was hoping any tank experts could post any tips they might have. Must have spells and abilities, 100% required gear, must know knowledge, even builds if willing. Your help will be greatly appreciated. I was thinking of making a build that is built around giving damage when hit.
  3. I agree that it should be added back in too btw.
  4. Kaladin told me that the devs are currently working on adding this feature back into Andorhol. But that was long before the last PTR and I haven't heard anyone mentioning it being in the PTR so....
  5. Hexent

    Feral in this cruel world

    Aquaria, I agree.
  6. Hexent

    Seasonal realms idea

    I'd love a pure pve survival server. Hunger, random mode, ironman. Could be really fun.
  7. Hexent

    Discussion about seasonal release

    Hey Solstice. Why not try this idea for season 3? Just to see what the majority of the players think. You could let them vote for a merger. I'm sure some of us who want it would realize its a bad idea while other who currently think its a bad idea will change their mind. We can't really be sure until we experience it for real. And, if a merging of the two legacy realms is voted down after trying this for a season then the suggestion/request could be put to rest for good.
  8. All in the title. I hope they don't but has anyone tried the orb dailies on the ptr?
  9. Hexent

    Discussion about seasonal release

    I won't be touching either modes while on season 2 unless these new changes have completely fixed the pvp climate of high risk.
  10. Hexent

    Discussion about seasonal release

    The LS fanboys that don't play LS would vote it down.
  11. Hexent

    Discussion about seasonal release

    Perhaps you're right. I never tried high risk before season one. It probably did improve the situation. Though I think it still needs much work. Hopefully season 2 will bring about the ideal high risk pvp. P.s. Sorry if my reply sounded rude. I'm not trying to sound rude but it's been one of those days for me and my words don't sound as intended. You guys are doing great work btw. I don't agree with all your decisions but I recognize quality work when I see it.
  12. Hexent

    Discussion about seasonal release

    The karma system actually encourages the issue it was meant. That is assuming the intended problem to fix was excessive ganking. This is because many players enjoy playing "the bad guy". You guys should have not put main city conveniences in the goblin towns if you wanted there to be a meaningful deterrent or repercussions for too much ganking/crimes. As for honorable combat...this doesn't effect outlaws since they usually gank solo in unfair ways (like only attacking weaker, questing, or combat engaged players) anyways. All it does is keep law enforcers and weaker players from forming posses to stop them. Anyways, I think we got a little off subject discussing the server merging there.
  13. Hexent

    Discussion about seasonal release

    I know. I myself have a job that has me busiest during Christmas break. But the 24th to 26th is probably when the most players would have the most free time.
  14. Hexent

    Discussion about seasonal release

    I actually made a suggestion that would work with merging the two. I wont post the link since a couple toxic forum posters ruined the discussion but it basically suggested that they could make the High Risk features of LS an "in city only" toggle that can only be switched every 48hrs. So...kinda like war mode in Battle For Azeroth. It may require a bunch of work on the devs part including figuring out how to make the gear binding (or lack there of) work with the the non-high risk players. Though I think making all gear BOE with or without high risk turned on would be best. But in the end combining LS and Andorhol would provide many benefits like only having to worry about one server and encouraging more players to try high risk.
  15. Hexent

    Upgrading REs with Runes

    I think a price drop for RE's would be good for not only the server economy but the server as a whole. I love that the Devs are working on raids for us but it would be great if they put more work into stuff for the casuals (as long as they don't royally fk up the game in the process like Blizz did) and this addition would encourage casuals to play more. As for my re-rolling legendary REs suggestion. I threw that in mostly because there are Legendary REs that are never on the AH and are too rare to encounter on your own.

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