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  1. I've been hearing people talk about this rumor so I figured I'd make a post ask if its true in hopes the devs will see it and confirm or deny it so others can see if the rumor is true or not. Personally I wouldn't mind skipping TBC if it meant we got DKs sooner but only if TBC races were enabled for character creation. Also, I heard that DK stuff was being tested on the PTR. Can anyone confirm or deny this?
  2. There are undead of those other races in both lore and in WoW. The obviously undead Forsaken are just one faction of the undead but since the other races didn't have to deal with undeath curses and infections as much they are far less common. If Arthas was a nightelf from Teldrassil instead of a human from Lorderon the Forsaken would be 98% Nightelves. As for ingame. There are quite a few examples of undeath in the game of every race but it only became more obvious when Blizz finally gave them special models in WOTLK.
  3. Hexent

    Battlegrounds population

    Oh hell naw. Why should we have our honor taken away because we don't want to let the top pvp'ers farm us at graveyards? Or have our honor taken away because the BG matching was so uneven that one team is winning by a land slide? Oh and Ashsj, turning off battlegrounds wouldn't help WPVP. The battle ground regulars would probably just stop pvping or switch to arenas.
  4. Hexent

    Add Server Population Numbers

    Try not to invalidate your own opinion by go so low as to call someone else stupid for having their own. Its pathetic and should only be considered an option in debate if you don't really care about your own opinions or don't want people to take your seriously. And yes only Ascension can do what ascension does, or at least as well as it does. I've looked at all the classless servers and they all pale in comparison to Ascension.
  5. Hexent

    Wildcard Prestige Mode

    Yeah but you don't lose it if you turn wildcard off at 60. I think the only thing we lose is the first wildcard title but we keep the 2nd one.
  6. Hexent

    Wildcard Prestige Mode

    You power leveled your wildcard play through? No wonder it was boring. I took my time and made it last a whole month and had loads of fun. I would have stayed wildcard if it was meant to have endgame but just turned it off since there wasn't any or even loss of rewards for doing so.
  7. Hexent

    Wildcard Prestige Mode

    You are right about it being a lot of coding though.
  8. Hexent

    Wildcard Prestige Mode

    I think you're kinda missing the point of wildcard and this post. Wildcard wasn't designed to have an endgame and is intended to be as random as it is. And Ascension is a classless server so letting us choose a class for wildcard would be weird. As for my suggestion its meant as a way to give wildcards more to do as wildcards before reaching endgame and making them less useless when the finally do reach it. And I personally think that it would defeat the purpose of wildcard by allowing us to choose which abilities we get even a little without earning it.
  9. Hexent

    Wildcard Prestige Mode

    Sorry if this suggestion is a little hard to read. I came up with the idea while at work and submitted it on my phone. I may make it look nicer when I get home and onto my computer.
  10. Hexent

    Wildcard Prestige Mode

    So wildcard is fun and all but its over pretty fast for people who don't like to take their time enjoying quests. I was thinking maybe a prestige mode (yes like in Call Of Duty) could be added so that when you get to level 60 you can turn wildcards off OR you could enter prestige mode and have your level, spells, abilities, and talents reset. Why would you enter prestige mode? For the rewards of course! Here are some ideas for worthwhile rewards. Prestige 1-3: A choice between race change (within your faction), keeping ONE spell or ability past the reset, or 10 extra points to a base stat. The race change would be for people who enjoy the quests and leveling process while going wildcard. Keeping an ability would be for people who kinda like wildcard but have shit luck and would like to keep themselves from being dealt a shit hand, you could put a cap on this reward for the spirit of wildcard, totalling to 3 spells or abilities carrying over each time. People who choose this option should be able to re-choose the abilities they keep each time they prestige. As for 10 extra points into a base stat this would be an option for players who love the randomness of wildcard but would like to curb the difficulty a bit or be more useful at lvl 60. The 10 extra points should be excluded from the usual 150 cap for base stats. You may want to set a cap on these rewards and any rewards not capped yet should carry over as options for the following prestiges. Prestige 4: A faction change, reset all quests, or a piece of heirloom gear. The very few players who get to this point will probably have completed most if not all their faction's quests so they should probably be given a choice to change faction or reset their quests so they may prestige further. I know heirloom gear is a tricky subject but would one piece per account be so bad? Sure the gear could be OP if given to a non-wildcard 60 but it would be great for wildcards since even with the extra stats or kept abilities non-wildcards will still be stronger. Each of these options should be capped at 1 but also carried over as options for following prestiges if not chosen. Prestige 5-8: I think being able to choose a permanent custom ability would be the best reward. A choice between a premade ability created by the ascension team that is not customizable or too OP yet very useful, being able to customize a pre-existing ability to some extent (kinda like glyphs), or being able to change the type of damage you do like making your auto attacks do shadow damage instead of basic damage. Prestige 9 and 10: Trying to think of what the best reward would be for those who get this far. Honestly you could not add any special reward at all for this level since other rewards should still be available at this point. But if anyone else can thing of appropriate rewards for getting this far in prestige mode feel free to write them in a reply to this post. Prestige 10 should be the cap!!! I know some or these rewards may seem OP but don't forget how much weaker wildcards are than non-wildcards. Wildcards only have a chance of being OP by prestige 10 if they are very VERY lucky and cleaver. You could always make it so prestige mode cannot be turned off if chosen instead of turning wildcard off. I should also mention that if this was added that players would not only have the bragging rights of reaching a high prestige but you'd also be increasing the amount of players doing lower level zones and dungeons which is something ascension really needs. Oh and obviously you can call it something else other than prestige mode. Everyone who replies to this please reply with either I agree, disagree, or with any changes you have in mind that might make this suggestion better. Just making this request in hopes to keep the replies to this post constructive.
  11. Hexent

    Noob Crafting

    I remember hearing one of the devs talk about overhauling the crafting system. I was thinking that maybe they could add some pvp themed recipes into Ascension. No not just your run of the mill pvp armor. I'm talking about gear and items literally made of the noobs you leave dead in your wake. For example... Herbalism could allow you to harvest noob tears that could be used to make potions or inks. Skinning could allow you to harvest noob skins that you could use to make leather goods from. Mining could allow you to harvest noob bones to make some bone(plate and mail) armor from. Enchanting and Jewelcrafting could allow you to harvest Noob Soulgems to make jewelry and enchantments. Best of all these items could be BOE(or BOU) so that noob items could be traded and sold to one another. You think your current pvp gear set is worth bragging about? Imagine if you were covered in gear literally made from the corpses of your fallen enemies!
  12. Hexent

    Some Suggestions for the Hardcore PvP realm.

    I think these changes would be the final nail in high risk pvp's coffin if they were made. High Risk already appeals to a very small niche group of players and these changes would lower the daily active population even more.
  13. Hexent

    Windfury Weapon/poisons bloodscalp

    If they didn't nerf the conversion talents so much you'd see more people using Frostbrand.
  14. Hexent

    Free faction/law based mog sets

    Btw, if any devs actually DO want help picking out mogsets for/if they go with this idea contact me. I've built great mog sets and outfits since retail first started and have roleplayed with them on the top retail and private RP servers.
  15. Hexent

    Free faction/law based mog sets

    Just gotta use your imagination and creativity.

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