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  1. Kaladin

    Write Wiki Articles - Earn DP!

    We are getting some awesome submissions already, and we are looking for more! If you have submitted an article, expect a reply before the end of next week!
  2. Kaladin

    Write Wiki Articles - Earn DP!

    Yes! All translations would be great
  3. Kaladin

    Elegant way to increase population

    This is correct.
  4. Kaladin

    Write Wiki Articles - Earn DP!

    Absolutely! We would reward DP for any articles you are willing to translate! Send me a forum PM with your Discord Name please.
  5. Are you a great writer? Do you love Ascension? Do you want to EARN DP for your Ascension expertise? The Ascension Team is looking for players with in-depth knowledge of Ascension and custom Ascension mechanics to create articles for our upcoming Ascension Wiki! What we are looking for in the articles: Rich media Videos Spell tool-tips Pictures Good Categorization Accurate and thorough explanations How to submit an article: Find an article that has not been Striked Through OR create your own article that you think would provide high value content for the Ascension Community! Create a google document titled: "Ascension Wiki - Name of Article" Share the google document with ascensionwiki@gmail.com using the Share button at the top right of the google doc At the top of your Document include: Email to contact you Discord ID if applicable Forum Name if applicable In-Game Name you would like author credit assigned to What happens after I submit an article? The Ascension team will review the article for accuracy and quality A team member will contact you with our decision or feedback We will publish the article on the Ascension Wiki and award your account DP If multiple submissions for the same article are submitted before the article is published we may take parts of both and award DP and author rights as appropriate. We will award between 10-50 DP per article based on quality and length. The Classless System Overview article is likely to be longer than the Purges article and we will award DP with that in mind. We are also looking for people willing to TRANSLATE articles into other languages. If you are interested in this drop a comment below with the language(s) you would like to translate. These are the types of articles we are looking for. In-Depth and more extensive articles, like Classless System Overview, we will be looking for the highest quality content and will award additional DP. Articles in bold will be worth more. Classless System Overview Low-Risk Realms High-Risk Realms Open World Drops and iLvL system Fel Commutation Cross Faction Gameplay Cross Faction LFD Mystic Enchanting - 1 article submitted. Accepting additional high quality articles. Raiding on Ascension Custom Raid Mechanics Raiding Guides 10 man 25 man AQ - 1 article submitted. Accepting additional high quality articles. Purges Stat Allocation Scroll of Unlearning Call Boards - Custom Dailies Keeping Evil at Bay Sanctioned Hunt Threat to Azeroth The Siege Heroes Call Call to Arms A Lesser Known issue Multi-Spec Tomes and Tome Collection Vanity Items Collection Ascension Racials Build Creator Good Starter Builds Glory System Karma System Outlaw/Neutral City Law Rep Murderous Intent Honorable Combat Respite Loot to the victor only Ascension Custom Items Gnomish Transpolyporter Gnomish Portable Post Tube (low risk only) ect World Events Blood Bowl Neutral Faction Teleporters Greedy Demon Hero Class Cross Faction LFD LFD Legendary REs Spoils of War Wildcard An Qiraji Invasions Notable Custom Changes Raiding Checkpoint System Seasonal Realms Seasonal Points Seasonal Collection Seasonal Challenges Hero Highlights Invoker Firestarter Darkguard Grove Warden Single target farming locations AOE farming locations Leveling Guides Crafting Guides New Player Guides
  6. Earlier today we were performing maintenance on our SQL infrastructure. During that window of maintenance, some of our raid arrays failed. They are now resyncing. We are expecting maintenance to last through the night to morning for NA. We apologize for the inconvenience!
  7. Wildcard mode offers an awesome mount for players who make it to 60! You can find all the details in this video!
  8. Kaladin

    BloodScalp ll Server wide lag.

    We are aware and working on the issue. Thank you!
  9. We will add them. Thank you for the suggestion! We are always looking to improve our high-risk experience
  10. The Contributor's Corner can be read by everyone, but only users with 50 or more Reputation may post new topics or reply. Users can earn Reputation by posting high quality and valuable topics or replies. We hold Contributors to a higher standard while interacting in this section of the forums. Topics and replies should be well thought out, constructive, on-topic, and free from personal attacks or negativity. Contributors who do not live up to their name-sake will be lose their Contributor title after one warning.
  11. Kaladin

    Removal of Random Enchant system

    That is something we would be 100% willing to do if it was the right direction for Ascension. Keep your eyes open for an article discussing the upcoming RE system changes in the next few days.
  12. I really like the idea of "Professional Crates" that have a chance at recipes. Thank you! We have talked about giving mobs a chance to spawn an "enhanced" version of themselves on death. It's something I want to do as I think it would make the open world more exciting. We have some other obvious priorities at the moment but fleshing that system out is on my radar. Thanks for the feedback!
  13. Kaladin

    A portable vendor for Selling Items?

    This is something we would consider for Andorhal, but it would not support the nature of high-risk servers. Implementing something like this is not currently on the radar, but I can propose it to the team for feedback.
  14. Kaladin

    Seasonal xp rates

    The rates will be the same at Laughing Skull. Roughly around 7x exp.

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