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  1. SirGank

    Dev Update #73

    Don't worry they'll just nerf pet damage instead of fixing this, that way acutal bm hunters who focuse on the pet instead of just snap shotting get rekt.
  2. SirGank

    Dev Update #74

    Did you read the part where I mentioned tho's additional stuff is useless on a dps?
  3. SirGank

    Dev Update #74

    2% Is strong that's why it costs 3 talent points for 6%. and again I ask. why nerf tanks when you can buff the other one and make it a more of a playstyle choice rather then what's better. Also not every melee takes survive of the fittest. nerfing talents just because they're a high pick makes no sense.
  4. SirGank

    State of ascension #andorhal

    Oooo the nit picking. running our of things to complain about hu?
  5. SirGank

    State of ascension #andorhal

    Up to c'thun yes.
  6. SirGank

    State of ascension #andorhal

    Didn't say anything about how many pws we got. I'd say half the 25 man stuff on aq was either overtuned or undertuned. Atm aq 40 is easier then when we cleared it (up to c'thun) with all the changes and tuning down. I'd take everything sky says with a grain of salt seeing as I get the feeling he doesn't like us or maybe he has trouble expressing his feelings.
  7. SirGank

    State of ascension #andorhal

    I wish people would read that I said, ALL THE RAIDS aren't hard at all. they're all extermly easy aside from two bosses in the entire game. Now is 25 man harder then 10 man? yes imo I find the content in 10 man 10X easier with how undertuned everything is. example being ouro or any boss where the damage is so low you can have pws healers shield you enough to ignore the mechanic.
  8. SirGank

    State of ascension #andorhal

    I love how salty you are for some reason, but anyways if you think 10 man is hard on ascension then I feel sorry for you. 10 man's only hard if you have no mechanical skill what's so ever, which still makes it easy as half the mechanics are a meme, like ouro . What's funny is that you're examples are content that's been nerfed heavly after 9 months of being released. and even aq when it was first released aq 10 man was much easier then 25 man mainly because 25 had no one testing it before it went live. even now 25 man still harder then 10 man even tho both are easy. 10 man is easier. That being said, All raids aren't hard at all, it's funny you try to act like 10 man is harder then 25 man when in reality the only two boss fights in ascension that have ever been hard are chrom (even tho's he's been nerfed which makes him a lot easier) and C'thun. Raids in ascension are super easy compared to anything in current or recent wow. But what really makes this funny is that you're so salty about 25 mans that I see you rage about it in every medium that ascension is part of. but don't let this stop you from expressing your opinion I love seeing how "unique" and "creative" your views are on difficulty.
  9. SirGank

    State of ascension #andorhal

    Eyy man I got that epic re on sale for 500g, it's a steal.
  10. SirGank

    State of ascension #andorhal

    I remember the days when people on world try to tell me 10 man was harder then 25 man.
  11. SirGank

    Dev Update #74

    A bunch of these changes makes no sense to me. Why exactly was survive of the fittest nerfed, was 2% per point really that strong? the other benefits of that ability had no affect on dps in raids and honestly I don't see how anyone would put 3 talents points for 3% to all stats. Also I don't see the point in nerfing bear tanks and buffing str tanks, why not just buff str tanks. What's the point in nerfing one build when you can instead make both tanks viable and make it a choice of play style rather then who's better. Wait I forgot this is a pvp balance patch with no after thought of pve. Gotta love how aq40 brings back the population of the server but pvp is still the point of focus on balance.
  12. Here's the thing tho, because re system is a custom addition in ascension wow it's not as easy as just linking them all to the same tooltip, Because that's not how the dev's did it. is it efficient hell no, but if you don't believe me check one of the developer up dates they say it them selves that each tool tip is a entirely separate entity. Wow's tool tips don't just automatically work for things like the re table collections or the custom tooltips on gear. And yes there are over two thousand re's, not unique re's but variants of re's that each have to be a separate tool tip because remember you might have a 1% a 2% or 3$ ect of a re and that requires it's own tool tip.
  13. No it's not, it's a very time consuming task, do you know how much of a pain in the ass it is to look for every single tooltip that's broken then fix 3-7 entrys of that tooltip. it's time best served else ware.
  14. No I do, I don't think you understand that each tooltip is one individual entry, meaning they're going to have to edit multiple entry to fix one tool tip error, now imagine how much time that would take to fix every tool tip error. please think before you post. " i dont think you quite understand how coding works i will not reply again to this " sounds to me like your just backpedaling.

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