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  1. SirGank

    Felguard is NEEDING a nerf

    PVP SKILL HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAHAHA Their has never been skill in ascension pvp, just flavor of the month builds that do all of the work.
  2. SirGank

    Dev Update #75

    Ooof, fourm chat is still as volatile as ever. looks like almost everyone still has a agenda to get their build buffed and the other person's build nerfed.
  3. SirGank

    Dev Update #75

    I haven't bothered to play sense the start of the year, dev's constant ignoring of fourms untill the last second and re soulbound made it a bother to even play on this server. my question to anyone who's still playing how is backstab and mutilate, is it fucked with the re limit.
  4. SirGank

    Inspecting builds.

    Most builds aren't so complex that they can't be figured out in a few hours or hell a lot less. point is that players who've put thousands of hours making builds because they want a unique build that no one else thought of or knows how to copy/make are getting fucked hard here. now you'll see players copying that person's build and claiming it as their own with out the permission of the original builder. it's a complete dick move to take away the right of the maker to give out his build but not only that it also lessens the social aspect of build making as now people aren't going to collaborate as much as they can just easily copy builds. Also I love how it's been a few days now and the dev's haven't made a single reply to this at all. shows how often they read the forms. Still waiting on that qa/stateofascension video.
  5. SirGank

    Inspecting builds.

    I personally think this might be the final nail in the coffin for me, these past few months the dev's have showed very little care for many topics of late, now they decide to go against what as one of the core aspects of the server to have a unique build. Now instead of players saying "O shit it's (player name)" it's now "O shit it's a (Build name)" you've completely removed any kind of recognition that a player can get if they make a unique and powerful build, not only that but it's a spit in the face for all players who's poured thousands of hours into your sever (I've got over 100 days player with my main and alts combined, not to mention ptr time). You have actually made more like retail now where instead of people trying builds out for them selves they're just going to find someone who does a ton of damage and copy their spec. You say this is for player retention but honestly these changes you've made sense starting late November of last year has caused more players to leave then any gain. You hide behind bloodscalp saying it's doing fine but ignore that fact that many of the guilds that have been here sense day one or close to it are either gone or are close to it. yet you just keep ignoring it, not even giving us an answer on the forums. Maybe you'll wake up when ascension ends up having to have all the players join one guild just to do 10 mans and 25 mans. TLDR: You're actually killing creativity with these changes and causing long term players to leave.
  6. SirGank

    Windfury Weapon/poisons bloodscalp

    Poisons in pve are pretty strong if you spec into them, the difference being is that they're a ramp up build while wf is instant burst.
  7. SirGank

    Some Suggestions for the Hardcore PvP realm.

    Why are you making the same post again?
  8. SirGank

    Multiple professions.

    Or just you know, make a new character and level them up to get more professions, besides having characters with all professions removes the social aspect of profession not only it ruins the economy.
  9. SirGank

    About realms

    Tichondrius doesn't exist. Bloodscalp is a temp server with even more custom features then either Laughing skull or andorhal. it's currently the highest populated server but it's also high risk with loot drop on death. the current custom feature is wildcard on bloodscalp which is basically randomizes the ability's you get as you level.
  10. People would just relog every 50 minutes and find ways around it to keep it going. that would just promote more plays staying away from each other. I think you can do that already with the rep system from the base game. that would just make the game less hardcore by your own standards if guildies aren't attackble. Why make a system for something players can do on their own, just agree not to attack. theirs a half way system for that already the ascension book either pay 15 bucks or get it from the seasonal. like I said before, this would just encourage players to hide even more. we had this already and it was a good system in beta, but the dev's don't want it and probably never going to see it.
  11. SirGank

    Overscaling is MMO Poison

    I have no ulterior motives other then saying that the three re limit isn't going to do anything to combat overscaling. You're the one that brought up mutilate and about stacking 17 times. but sure we can be done.
  12. SirGank

    New players Expierance

    O boy. let me tell you the love pve got. bwl came out januarly 2018, then 9 months later we got aq 40 and 20. alpha/beta versions. that's the love pve get's. On the other hand pvp is the reason we get constant build changes that have no thought put into on how they'll affect pve. Pve's gotten shafted so hard in ascension it's not even funny. Also the leveling was made by a different team that the server I think bought the code from.
  13. SirGank

    Overscaling is MMO Poison

    Wow way to not read my post at all and then try to straw man it. That's not how mutilate is built at all. Mutilate works on energy gain re's crit chance re's and a energy gain re llegendary and then after you get that the few re spots left go to damage re's. you don't stack 17 damage re's that's now how it works. Explaine to me how this 3 re limit is a set in the right direction? it's not lowering scaling of stats seeing as tho re's can only be used once, it's not hurting any of the major builds much as they have back up re's to fill in the gaps. so how exactly is it a step in the right direction?
  14. SirGank

    Overscaling is MMO Poison

    It's not a step in the right direction, All it's doing is killing builds that use utility re's that need 5 of them to even work, while re's that stack damage and stats aren't actually affected much, you're still going to see people pulling 4-6k dps after this change. All this is doing is killing builds that are on the lower end of tier.
  15. SirGank

    Overscaling is MMO Poison

    And it's not even going to help against overscaling, because the top tier builds have a ton of re's to choose from meaning they can just swap out a few different re's and still do the same dps.

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