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  1. did a quick peek, battle shout and blessing of might don't stack in wrath so no need to have it. Battle shout isn't good either in most cases. your spreading out your abilitys and talents to thin, raptor strike and heroic strike aren't good to have in one build as both go off a weapon swing. if your going mutilate having any other ability that uses energy that's not a finisher is a waste as you won't have enough energy to sustain both. combat experience is bad maybe it works for melee hunter but I can't image it being good for anything. kidney shot doesn't work on bosses as far as I'm aware and most raid mobs so it's a moot point in useing it. battle stance is better if your going more physical damage. if your going to use poisons then invent in vile and deadly or just switch to whirlwind as they'll get you more average damage especially when your swapping targets. Ptr is open as far as I know I'd suggest using it rather then waiting for people on the fourms to tell you what's good or not, you'll get more bang for you buck.
  2. Couldn't you run a emulator for windows on mac and play it through their? also I don't think ascension will come to mac ever, no idea tho seeing as I don't use mac.
  3. It's more blizzlike in progression then anything else. You're playing on a season server which is currently set to wildcard meaning you don't get to choose your abilitys just talents, andorhal and ls are the options you want to pick if you want to choose abilitys. currently the season is the most popular as it's the freshest, andorhal is the most stable server and the most popular when seasonal isn't around. ls is pretty much dead so I wouldn't go their if you plan on casual play or wanting to raid on a constant bases.
  4. not sure what server you are on, but you can infact change talents by right clicking on them for 25gold per talent.
  5. Honestly this isn't a good idea, only thing it will promote is more homogenization towards melee builds as we need restrictions on abilitys or all that ends up happening is everyone playing one build that has everything in it. not only that theirs really no point in doing this as you're going to have to invest in talents to make the abilitys useful and at that point it's better to go cat form for double AP on agility. Feral skills are fine, they're very strong atm their is really no need to change them in anyway atm.
  6. scale it down to 75% if it's three shades that should be 225% of you int ever 2 seconds, so let's just say eye balling it 600-800 damage per 2 seconds, that would make it a lot more balanced but making it a very very good spell/talent/re for shadow priests.
  7. Also needs to mention, LS is dead pretty much with it's pop, andorhal is the most active server when seasons aren't out. when seasons are, they're the most popular.
  8. Allow mutilate legendary affect be a buff on the player rather then a debuff on the mob, like executes legendary 25% haste, it has a horrible time with target swapping which rogues already have a problem with seeing as they have no effective good aoe.
  9. Wrong, it's a huge waste of time to go back and redesign T2 when nax is around the corner as so is tbc, and are you really trying to flex on that guy with t2? dude like you can brain dead bwl because of all the nerfs, if you think it's some achivement to clear bwl at it's CURRENT difficulty then I feel bad for your raid because they sure as heck not clearing higher content with you around. They wouldn't listen to you, you don't seem to have much knowledge of how tier set's if you think going from tier 1 to tier 2 is a weak upgrade.. sure some sets aren't so good but a good player can make massive improvements in their builds with T2 gear over T1 Because their's no need to change, they set's are fine you just need to get better at making builds. You can progress fine with mc/zg/onyxia/bwl gear. And the gear in Bwl can easily help you clear AQT seeing as every other build went into AQT with bwl gear. sounds to me you just don't understand how to build a build. It's a waste of time for the dev's to focuse on remaking old tier sets when Naxx and TBC are around the corner, The gear them selves aren't that bad and it's easy to get bwl gear, their's no point in making changes when a competent guild can make it to AQT in a few months (less even with Daily quests and invasions) Sounds to me that you're just mad that you can't have it your way. is BWL to hard for you? are you finding your 600 dps build lack luster in a "hard raid". either your trying to troll for reactions or you're the kind of player that whine about cata dungeons being to hard after their nerfs.
  10. It's a waste of dev time. Ascension changes a lot of the core game regularly and has patches on a semi fast bases meaning having to update graphic patches constantly is a hassle that's not worth it. if you want it go do it your self the dev's have bigger things to care about.
  11. Except most of us have been playing long enough to see the out come of the effects before them even being implemented. We understand how our builds work and how factors will affect them if they get changed. And most people already do test on the ptr.
  12. I think changing mutilates poison increase from stacking on a mob to making it a buff on the player's side should help with the problem it has when changing targets. While this doesn't affect damage on longer fights or fights with only one mob, it does help bridge the gap in fights where their are lots of adds and allows for more flexibility to compete with burst builds. Also a while back mutilate's poison was nerfed from 30% to 20% at fully stacked. I think changing it back to 30% would really help bring life back to the other side of the build rather then focusing on physical damage.
  13. First it would take a year or so to modify wrath content with ascension not to mention getting quests and scripts working, and no TBC is a fantastic expac. Second this would require months for balancing and re reworking as the current blizzlike state of some of tho's ability are WAAAAY to strong. It's already happening to the season and they'll add it to andorhal when it mergs with ls. No, it's gonna take a HUGE amount of time and a lot of tho's change go against the core theme of the server. No, We barely have the pop for two servers as it is. making an rp server is such a bad idea, not only are the historically the lowest servers in any private server even lower then pve. they're a waste of time as you can just rp in andorhal or LS. No, judging from your other posts I don't think you understand anything of how balancing works, % Buffs aren't inherently a bad thing and can at time's be the best option to rounding out a build,
  14. hahahahhAHAHAAHAHAHAAHA WHAT ILLEGAL? WHAT? WHAT? I'M SORRY WHAT?, Look man the fbi isn't going to break through your door and arrest you because you want to go rp in goldshire.

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