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  1. Bluefish


    I am not experiencing this issue, but whenever my Ascension client is buggy it usually means my Patch A is not up to date or I have installed an addon that conflicts with Ascension's custom features. Have you installed new addons since this problem has started? are you certain your client is up to date with the latest Patch A? Just some general troubleshooting here.
  2. Bluefish


    I thought there were both a QA team (quality assurance) and Balance team in place to test major changes and overhauls like these, not sure what's happening and I don't know the state of Andorhal as we speak since I recently got back and decided to give Bloodscalp a go. Maybe development has overruled both in their decision making when it comes to pushing these changes live, would be cool to get some more insight on this. I Would not use the wording Mongrel used, but I do see the disconnect between the player base and development team is still very much present, maybe now more so than before.. @Kaladin@itswicky Not trying to start anything but perhaps an official statement on the matter would be in order.
  3. Bluefish

    New players Expierance

    The problem with Balance is that too many factors go into it, players will find new "Meta" builds that are the new OP quite rapidly. I think the change in 'RE stacking' made (down to 3x what used to be 5x) is a good start, but in PVP there are some skills that are clearly better than others, I am very bad at it myself and won't act as if I am an expert in the slightest. I have to admit I have seen some really awesome builds on Bloodscalp seasonal realms and didn't mind getting utterly destroyed by them in the slightest. just think Good for them, they invest the time and effort so they "deserve" to be able to destroy me as a casual. I understand that this seems to cater more to the hardcore players and the neckbeards who spend more hours on the game than most of us realisticly could, but that's the nature of any MMO I find. Would hate to see it turn casual because of that personally.
  4. Glad you did! I am also a visual cue kind of player so addons like these help me improve tremendously! Enjoy
  5. Not to my knowledge, I use a form of ElvUI tweaked for Ascension Personally and Buff (and debuff) tracking works just fine for mine. I also use WeakAuras to track proccs, maybe try that..?
  6. Bluefish

    Is this normal?

    I would advice you to join the Official Discord, usually when Seasonal (Bloodscalp) crashes there will be information posted about it if it's an issue that will take longer than the "regular" reboot of the server. That way when it crashes you can be updated on ETA's of server being back up among other things. https://discordapp.com/invite/bEfV3M5 Welcome to Ascension, enjoy!
  7. Bluefish


    Greetings Valence! What realm will you be playing on? I'm an officer in the guild <Workin as Ascended> on Horde - Cenarius No Risk server, we raid 10 mans almost every week day in 3 different teams (19-23 Server Time), Merging them together for our 25 man raids. We house mainly European players and have cleared BWL up to Chromm so far. We're a friendly bunch, although a bit insane at times.. we enjoy a good laugh and I think out style of raiding reflects that If you are intrested in PVE you should consider us! Pvp more your thing then I would advice you to start on Laughing Skull Either way welcome to Ascension!
  8. Bluefish

    Is this a joke? Mystric Orbs nerfed again?

    ^ this is where the pain is at I think. I've had much better results in my 5 man run of scholo.
  9. Bluefish

    Is this a joke? Mystric Orbs nerfed again?

    I don't know, it seems they have? https://project-ascension.com/news/view/88
  10. Bluefish

    Need Help with connecting with WoW.exe

    I'm using WoD models on my client without problems, except for the RaF mount and Book of Ascension model (they bug out). The way I got them to work is without the launcher, download the Patch A manually aswell as Ascension.exe and drop them in the correct location of your game folder. You can find all these when you login using your Username and password, clicking downloads in the User control panel. If you do that it should be working without any problems, make sure you use a clean 3.3.5a client howerver.. since you mentioned other servers. hope that will fix the errors for you! - Bluefish
  11. Bluefish

    Old Gamer LF Raiding Guild

    Hi Narub, I'm really bad with time conversions, Could you specify the timeframe in Server Time? Trying to figure out weither it's even worth it for you to join us since we raid on both monday and wednesday, tuesdays is usually our ZG farm. From 19-23 Server Time (but usually finish early with farm content). - Bluefish
  12. Bluefish

    My opinion in this classless system

    I'm confused. This touch is like selecting a set of skills? rather than any individual skills, is that what you mean? Why would you want to restrict player freedom anyway? Not sure if "Full freedom is Chaos" is an argument either.. I mean if with all the freedom you feel overwhelmed then I advice you to use the talent calculator tool. Aswell as Lyfe's collective data spreadsheet, it can help you see certain talent/spell synergies you might have missed before. Hope that helps. - Bluefish
  13. Bluefish

    Item Restoration Service

    I mean it's annoying to lose an item, but if it's by your own doing.. I don't know. We lost Band of Accucia from Ragnaros last week, because the server disconnected/crashed as we were rolling it out. That time I got lucky and already received my Ten Storms leggings, they were there after logging back on.. Though luck and we moved on. Even had a screenshot, but knew nothing was going to come of it because of this policy. GMs are already swamped with answering tickets and resolving issues ingame (small team), if they have to deal with item retrieval on top of that it's just going to add a lot of extra work. A system such as you are suggesting also takes time to create and is not something that's done in an instant, time taken away from further development on the Project. but what do I know? perhaps it's easier than I think. just my 2 cents. - Bluefish
  14. Sure thing, expect a PM soon.
  15. Bluefish

    New player and a question

    There are 4 realms in total and we don't know the exact population of any of them. /Who is disabled on all realms and there is no information available via the website. I play actively on Cenarius, Horde and we have 4-6 healthy guilds, raiding 10man and 25man content. Orgrimmar is lively on peak times and there are plenty of players to play with, for the other realms I cannot say. Laughing Skull is more popular than Sargeras judging from some of the forums posts however, it's also the newer FFA realm of the two.

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