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  1. When are we getting Mystery Loot Boxes for DP?
  2. phyrex

    New RE System / Player Retention

    As someone who tried putting in time into the server regarding bugs and other types of oddities. Hot news flash regarding one of your early hopes; - I am really hoping that the Dev's have discussed this is depth, Nope. You can go through old changelogs, literally everything is just a tossup of number and eventually disabling certain talent/re's "cus op". Only recently they(he?) actively started their interactiveness on the forums, something I told Verydad/Father(assumed to have quit, most likely just using a different nickname now) about 18 months ago which they should do, instead of overnight changes that literally pisses everyone off. Their response to it was something along the lines of but not specifically; "Oh so you're a forum guy? Well we use twitter a lot. :)" Mind you, they never really used patchnotes updates back then. I appreciate your wall of text and maybe some of the newer staff members will dabble through it. GL
  3. phyrex

    Randomize spawn times of rares

    just make it like legion dude, only lootable once(per week?).
  4. phyrex

    Random Enchants

    You're starting to crunch number by ways of not letting RE's stack, which is very good and far too late of a fix. Now it'll just seem like a bunch of nerfbats swinging around and butthurt people seeing their broken builds turn into a pile of shyte. Better yet, however, you shouldn't be letting any RE's stack and simply make the RE's more interesting. Pretty much what glyphs do. And for the love of god, stop overloading your db with bullshit like eye of killrog and dumb shit like that.
  5. phyrex

    A portable vendor for Selling Items?

    A great idea for a companion.. for 50DP whooooooooooooooooooo
  6. phyrex

    Battle Royale in Ascension

    Everyone starts off with the same abilities as you airdrop into a jungle style crater shozalarbasin esque bg; kill other players to obtain new random abilities; congrats, you just learned track beasts; you die.
  7. phyrex

    Did something change????

    deffo recommend never using launcher ^^
  8. phyrex

    State of ascension #andorhal

    perth sending in his goons, what a fucking joke.
  9. phyrex

    Season 2 Balance Specific Changes

    didnt even bother reading all of this shit but; "_btw_", what a smart move to > apply all seasonal shit to andorhal/ls too, > have wildcarders and "shitters"(regular players) in the same area of pvp, > allow people to stockpile AE as wildcarders, > have algorythms that train singular pointers but not multipointers beyond 2(hello tame beast and literally all max talenters), > Well played all people that are in certain guilds and make quality use of this bug. eggsD, > I don't know, I just wanna QQ. Have a great evening. I managed to do something this evening; V
  10. phyrex

    Dev Update #73

    then you havent played shit so far heh
  11. phyrex

    State of ascension #andorhal

    dont forget eye of killrog bruh
  12. phyrex

    Dev Update #73

    idk, all shot procs such as quick shots(imp aspect of the hawk) and others alike have gone substantially down for some reason. Read my above post(s) on mortal shots, I never care about reporting anything anymore. It's just pick and choose and eventually its just a change in tooltip and no fix. edit: also, if you play hunter, consider picking up a bunch of pet RE's on some shitty blue offpieces. when you summon a pet, it snapshots the RE's you have on gear. so if you then change gear to normal raiding gear, your pet has 17 extra RE's and you can focus on whatever you want. (this is a jest to a literally launch old bug and pretty much every horde bm raider does this. nothing about this is being done so maybe throwing info out in the open can raise some eyebrows here and there hehehehehe) To reiterate: >Equip shitty gear with great pet RE's >Summon pet >Equip normal gear >??? >PROFIT! >Guaranteed no ban!
  13. phyrex

    State of ascension #andorhal

    exactly the same for 10man and deadeweight. tuning is completly redone since the very first pulls. and you're right for buffs, ppl use a buffbot as a 25player which was also used for 10mans, so basically 9manning it in the end, too easy it was
  14. phyrex

    State of ascension #andorhal

    talking in past sense, dunno what they did to current raiding scene. also arent u stormguard? literally the most usless troll on this server? how are u not bent yet edit: nvm 1 post, u are a troll

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