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  1. lewtorz

    Removal of Random Enchant system

    The dev's already said they're changing the philosophy on the RE system, instead of it making builds viable as it was originally. Now they say they're looking to make builds viable via talents and just let RE's enhance builds. Which makes more sense, now it's just a waiting game. But I think it would be a great idea to have a seasonal realm that doesn't have RE's so they can balance based on talents then better balance RE's based around the information they gain.
  2. lewtorz


    Maybe they plan to implement a way where you could spend like 10/30/60/100/250 orbs based on quality to get a RE of your choice? Would at least be more doable then the current system on Andorhal. Also why are normal BoE's that are dropping auto soul bound, this definitely shouldn't be happening?
  3. lewtorz

    18 TE left, what is best way to maximize spell power/damage?

    I assume this is a build for dungeons? also if you're using SoC just know it scales with weapon damage not spellpower. if it's SoR then you have some luck but not much. convert with mental quickness, add deadliness, get all the agi increase talents that are 2% or higher(this mitigation will be better then STR). if you have allot of stuff that scales with spell power make sure you have righteous fury and probably improved righteous fury(mitigation). blessing of sanc and vigilance. you could also probably get a demon pet like void walker or felguard and get soul link and master demonologist(mitigation) and demonic knowledge(spell power). sadly you loose out on the benefits of sword and board tanking to be able to get enough str to make str to sp conversion to be worth it.
  4. lewtorz

    New players Expierance

    How would this work on classless? on live it works because you character is given stats in pvp based on class and only item level matters for about 10% of the given difference of stats if Im not mistaken. A simple everyone is the same item level wouldn't work as well here either as certain builds aren't viable without certain gear(getting crit thresholds and whatnot). Not to mention we're classless so no base class stats to go by. Maybe they could let us allocate all primary and secondary stats and we gain a few extra based on how much higher our item level is compared to the baseline? then that just supports stacking the highest item level as it does on live and not gearing intelligently (one part that is crucial to game play at this moment). Remember this isn't CS go, this could be closer compared to League of Legends but even then scrubs get destroyed if they fall behind in game or don't know how to gear. Efficient and proper gearing is a skill. Making gear not matter is one reason live wow is no longer played by many. There's no commitment and nothing to look forward to, so no reason to play. With call board dailies/weeklies joining raids, even only if it's 4 hours a week. it's easy to get geared on here. It's just knowing how. The epic pvp gear itself is mostly preAQ40 BiS for the slots they work for. Just don't que as groups and fight against your friends make the competition with each other what drives you. You'd be amazed how much more fun you have competing against each other in a bg rather then trying to que together in a attempt to slaughter people.
  5. Ever thought about making Battle and Guardian flasks persist through death.
  6. Is Project-Ascension really just a beta for an entire different game that is being created? Are we all just free labor for the next best future mmo?
  7. lewtorz

    RE system adjustments

    -There are quite a few Legendary RE's that increase dps by more then 5% -%stat RE's are easily 2-4% increase per, not to mention all the weapon RE's that increase dps by that much or more aswell, also %damage pet RE's for hunters and % damage RE's for casters there's plenty more RE's that can be stacked and are worth 2-3% per atm -Any dps lost can be fixed with nerf to health of mobs to an equivalent amount also you wouldn't be doing the same damage as people in MC/bwl gear as their damage would be lost aswell -Well if the current stat allocation change sticks, It would be good since the most stats you can get into one stat is around 180-200 at base in total with 150 cap into 1 stat, which is a good start compared to whats on the legacy servers. -I'm also not saying a cap more or less it's a roundabout number where people should be at. Everything is going to have a potential cap but the numbers i list is more of an average give or take 10%. -It's true Ascension is a different beast but part of the problem with half the nerfs they're doing is based on people getting blown up due to low health values compared to the dps we do. They said themselves they want combat to have an eb and flow. The best way to do that is to bring dps down to a comparable level to our health values, either that or put a hidden debuff to healing/shield/damage when a player is in pvp combat to compensate.
  8. lewtorz

    Issues with REs and Reforging

    Please staff answer/fix this. Allot of us have been holding onto allot of RE's to just having all that hard work thrown away without warning.
  9. lewtorz

    RE system adjustments

    I'll agree some RE's are a little overpowered and having too many that scale too well is a bad thing. Looking at the current RE system from a melee perspective, most RE's provide 2% damage increase over not having an RE add that up over all the slots and thats what? 34%? not counting legendary RE's in which most provide an extra 10% damage. So going from no RE's to Fully Bis RE'd is around 40-45% increase in dps. Yes this is a bit much. I don't know about removing some RE's but toning them down should be an option to lower the gap. I would do it by rarity based on builds that could be made to exploit how an RE is used to the best of its ability. Common RE = 0.25% dps increase uncommon = 0.5% rare = 0.75% Epic = 1% Legendary = 3-5% Bringing all RE's into these categories would be much better, of-course this would put allot of green RE's in the epic slot even some would have to be nerfed to fit here but it probably should be done to fix the disparity between players. I'll also agree that player skill and knowledge about theory crafting does also set players apart. But this should be left up to the community to make more detailed guides for the new players to help them get started playing ascension and understanding how it works. But ill touch on the over scaling issue. It's true that numbers do normally double from full pre raid bis to full last Teir bis of each expansion, and yes this doesn't effect PVE. But for PVP We're still dealing with normal Blizzard HP values for people that don't go full Stam allocation and the ones that do don't do much damage anyway. This is one big problem imo, to deal with this the dev's need to tone down the amount of base stats available to players by removal of the stat allocation system. Also stackable talents that give %stats like %str, %agi, %AP, etc shouldn't be stackable and should be made exclusive to one another. Then the real tuning of abilities can start. We shouldn't be comparing 2.5k dps from zg to 5k dps from AQ40, it should be more like 1.2k T1 - 2.5k T2.5 dps. I mean heck even a fully AQ40 twinked level 60 during wotlk would only be pulling around 1.5k dps. So it shouldn't be unreasonable that with us having freedom of talents and RE's to push those numbers a little higher for fun. But it currently is out of control.
  10. lewtorz

    Season 2 Balance Specific Changes

    He has no proof, even a fully buffed Agi dps with near perfect AQ40 gear and RE's can hardly reach over 3k AP. This guy is just over exaggerating numbers saying that a pvp sustain build can do that. Honestly it just seem mikkiller93 is just trolling to get a rise out of people, no one can be this oblivious to the actual state of high level pvp or pve on ascension atm.
  11. lewtorz

    Season 2 Balance Specific Changes

    I'll agree ATTT hits all melee as does the inner fire nerf. Caster's are getting haste to replace the SP loss from Mental quickness. There some nerfs that target TG, but it only targets the WW version of the spec, which with AQ weapons Poleaxe spec TG will probably be the top dps in the game or near it. the changes to bonereaver or UTB doesn't effect TG in the long run because of this. But when you look at how it effects hybrids, a spec that was in a decent place(not top not bottom but on the lower end of the upper class) it's getting hit with enough nerfs to bring it down to a point that with AQ40 raid doing their dps wouldn't have enough to push past enrage timers without world buffs. World buffs which can't be relied on and fade on death. This is the clear deffinition of a spec not being viable cause im pretty sure you can't clear AQ40 with 2.5k dps which is where hybrid will be if all these changes go through.
  12. lewtorz

    Season 2 Balance Specific Changes

    Bringing down conversion isn't bringing down stat increase's, The stat increases that need to be nerfed are coming from 1. The stat allocation system. 2. being about to stack %str, %agi, %Stam, %int, %spirit, %AP. Being able to stack these stats are allowing double dipping in stat growth which causes inflation. A global nerf is what they need to do. At the moment it's like they're hitting everyone Except for the Specs that are already on top. This is what doesn't make sense. I will say if the changes to ATTT do not go through then the change to Inner fire is fine. But both should not happen.
  13. lewtorz

    Dev Update #74

    Bringing down conversion isn't bringing down stat increase's, The stat increases that need to be nerfed are coming from 1. The stat allocation system. 2. being about to stack %str, %agi, %Stam, %int, %spirit, %AP. Being able to stack these stats are allowing double dipping in stat growth which causes inflation. If these talents were exclusive then talents like mental quickness wouldn't have as much power. Also Mental quickness dosn't effect EVERYONE. A global nerf is what they need to do.
  14. lewtorz

    Dev Update #74

    It seems it's not done with many people in consideration, I would love to see one of these 5-7k hybrid specs they're talking about, cause even from the postings on these threads I recognize the top hybrids that I also reference in my post, so I know it's not with them in consideration either. Maybe it's players from Laughing skull? Not sure I've noticed on the pvp side of things their specs are normally on a whole nother level compared to andorhal, but it's hard to imagine that PVE gets that much better.
  15. lewtorz

    Dev Update #74

    The Pinnacle? are hybrids the 7k dps specs people are talking about? At the moment I play hybrid 2H and personally my dps is around 3k on most single target fights in AQ40 25m, am I near the top of the group? yes but am I the highest no, i've seen mutilate, TG, 2H pure physical melee, and BM hunters all out dps me. I've personally seen other hybrids with full world buffs hardly touching 4k dps and they still get out dpsed by the previously mentioned specs. The Spell power nerfs on the seasonal realm are gonna hurt hybrids greatly, easily 10-20% total damage nerf depending on how reliant on SP they are. 2H hybrid being the less reliant on SP conversion from what I can see and calculate it is going to take around a 15% damage hit, this is going to put 2H hybrids at the bottom of the meters. As far as pvp goes, yes i've wrecked many of undergeared players in pvp, but anyone that knows anything about pvp will just toy with hybrids all day and laugh. You also say that "To give you guys an idea of some of our philosophies for recent and upcoming balance changes, we like buffing things as much as you guys. We have been doing a lot of that recently, and we know that players like that as well. We also know how much people hate nerfs, but ultimately we think its something that is required to achieve proper balance. The thing is, we are hitting now 20%+ reduced damage dealt to players through baseline resilience and we have some spells with PvP mods of 70-75% reduced damage already within the first few months of the introduction of the system, and we haven't even hit naxx. Hopefully you can understand how this can be slightly problematic. I'm sure many of you know that damage inflation is pretty out of hand on Ascension. This can be a non-issue in PvE where creatures can simply be tuned properly, although it can be objectively less fun from a tanking and healing perspective when damage numbers are too spiky, but in PvP this can cause real issues. We do have systems in place like the PvP damage mod system to help alleviate this, but we don't currently have a system like this that works for healing for example. Also, there's the case I made above where we already have some modifiers very high in PvP which maybe doesn't leave as much wiggle room for us as we'd like." The base problem with damage inflation is the stat scaling inflation, I've already posted how that should be handled, I know no one wants to discuss a stat squish but it would most likely be the best way to deal with these inflation problems. Once everything is squished down everyone will do less damage and healers will do less healing. Then it will be easier to sort out the outlying specs without nerfing how abilities feel left and right. IMO it's balance specs around PVE on the top end raiding seen, then do global nerfs to bring down total damage/healing in PVP. Resilience is easily the answer to damage in PVP. Then the better answer to healing is just nerf it in total, then tune PVE damage that is DELT TO PLAYERS down to match(or just put a global healing debuff that is active vs players that are in PVP combat).

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