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  1. Thank you everyone for your excellent questions (and your politeness, my goodness you have no idea how enjoyable it was to read these). I'll be compiling a list of the best ones before sending them over to our video entourage! We'll see you at our next Q&A Video! Additionally, if your question is not answered in the video, I shall see to it that it is answered here! Good luck out there, heroes!
  2. Heroes! It's time for another round of Q&A. We'll be taking the best, most upvoted, most frequently asked (and most civil) questions from the community and handing them off for Zen to answer in his next Q&A video! We will be answering the best, and most civil, questions you guys give us. You can ask us about anything! What we've been doing, what we will be doing next, when Zen will stream again; anything you can think of! Just remember that questions will be answered at our discretion: polite, articulate questions are much more likely to be chosen. Here's how this works: Post your questions below Like the questions you want to see answered - confused emoji the questions you don't. Posts that are not a question directly to the developers will be removed. (Quoting someone else's question and calling them dumb. KEEP IT CIVIL. "Why don't you change _____?! Do you hate yourselves and your players?" is not acceptable. "What is the dev's reasoning behind ____, my experience has been _____" is much nicer. Ask us anything. We want some juicy questions. Give us some good questions, and tune into the next Ascension Q&A to see if your question is answered! Happy inquisition, heroes!
  3. The Karma System on Laughing Skull Heroes, We recently released an article announcing our intention to move Ravenholdt’s Karma System to Laughing Skull. This announcement was met uncomfortably by players--many of whom are worried that the system will be a detriment to their realm. We want to take a moment to reassure players that the system has been severely polished from what it was on Ravenholdt, and also to explain our reasons for bringing the Karma System to Laughing Skull. In the following paragraphs, we’ll talk about the problems with Laughing Skull, what Karma does to solve them, and the data that supports our claims. The Problem: High-Risk realms are a unique beast: they take an MMORPG--a genre traditionally known for its emphasis on social interaction--and turn it into an open world FFA battle system where the immediate reaction to meeting any player in the open world is one of forced hostility: Players who join Laughing Skull hoping to engage in the social aspect of an MMORPG quickly find few methods to do it--in fact, outside of cities and world chat, they’re actively punished for it. For social players, a huge part of the fun of an MMO are the chance meetings that occur in the open world: randomly running into another player, chatting with them, grouping for quests or dungeons, and forming a relationship that will continue while you play. On Laughing Skull, these interactions are discouraged by the very nature of the realm. Players survive by being distrustful of each other, avoiding interaction and keeping out of sight--walking up to another player gets you killed on Laughing Skull. When everyone is a risk, the goal becomes total avoidance of all other players. For many players on Laughing Skull, a successful play session is one where they encounter zero other players. Thus, the cycle goes like this: Social players can’t make friends, so they quit. Meanwhile, players who are less social stick around. Those less social players don’t lend a good experience to new players, and so new players quit. That continues for a few months, and the realm ends up filled with non-social players who make it hard for new players. Therein lies the problem: Laughing Skull’s current setup caters more towards anti-social, toxic behavior in a genre where positive social interaction is one of the major draws to play. Most people don’t make friends on Laughing Skull, and because of it, Laughing Skull’s player retention is abysmal and entirely unsustainable. The Solution: By implementing the Karma System on Laughing Skull, we’re addressing that social problem. Here’s how: Opportunity to Socialize By introducing the Karma System, social players have a group to belong to that isn’t immediately hostile. This means two Protectors who meet in the world can walk up to each other, chat, group, and quest together, while being reasonably certain their new friend won’t stab them in the back. We’ve seen it happen with Outlaws, too. Built-in Trust For Protectors in particular, the Karma System introduces an element of Built-in Trust: Protectors have green names to each other, which immediately lends itself to friendly interaction. Not only that, but Protectors by their nature hunt Outlaws and avoid slaying other Protectors: that’s how they rise in reputation. What that means is, on average, you can count on a Protector to protect their faction, which means they’re usually safe to approach. Which means if you see one out in the world, and you’re a Protector yourself, you’re probably pretty safe to go and say hello. Us vs. Them Dynamic Finally, the very nature of Protectors being targets for Outlaws prompts Protectors to group together--lest they become the victim of a skilled Outlaw. This in turn encourages Outlaws to band together to surmount the challenge of multiple Protectors, which then again encourages more Protectors to band together--which then encourages more Outlaws. We saw this snowball effect play out on Ravenholdt multiple times, with large groups of both Outlaws and Protectors roaming the countryside, aiding members of their own faction, and destroying members of the opposite. This dynamic is what we’re looking to bring to Laughing Skull--a sense of community, social interaction, and a feeling of “We’d better band together, because there are people out there who are ALREADY banded together who will take us down if we don’t”. The number one cause of players leaving Ascension is an empty friends list. The Karma System helps to encourage friendships, and overcome the social hurdles that Laughing Skull presents: This data is comprised of only both new unique IPs and new accounts that have never been seen before. Long-time ascension players have no impact on this data. This data is comprised of only both new unique IPs and new accounts that have never been seen before. Long-time ascension players have no impact on this data. Now, none of this is to say that Season 1 didn’t have its problems: we really dropped the ball with the Staggered Level Cap, and we saw population drop about 50% with each new cap. Additionally, the bugs that were present on Ravenholdt were not addressed quickly enough, which was a another major reason population declined. However, the Karma System did its job: it brought players together, encouraged social interaction, and promoted group play. The team used to believe that High-Risk’s dismal player retention rates were a result of the gear loss system--a result of players getting frustrated with losing gear and quitting. However, the data we’ve gathered over the last few months paints an entirely different picture: The reason players quit Laughing Skull, very simply, is that they’re not making friends. The crux of an MMO are the bonds and relationships players form--it’s the reason players choose this genre. The Karma System was built to encourage this incredibly important aspect of our game. We firmly believe that by bringing this system to Laughing Skull, we’re taking a huge step towards improving the population and building a healthier realm for both social and solo players. Good luck out there, Heroes. ***Players, we want to make it clear that we ARE open to suggestions and feedback about the Karma System: we want it to work for those of you currently playing on Laughing Skull. We’re still waiting to implement the system until we fix its interactions with things such as Crow’s Cache. During this time, we’ll be gathering and listening to your feedback. However, without a system such as this, population on the realm will never thrive. High-Risk’s population simply can’t sustain itself without either (a) the Horde vs. Alliance dynamic, or (b) the Karma System.***
  4. We just released an article detailing our latest Leveling Overhaul. I believe all of you here may be interested in it, so do give it a look-over! https://project-ascension.com/news/view/72
  5. Taking it to the Next Level The Leveling Overhaul is Live on Ascension Heroes! Leveling is one of the most fundamental and important parts of any MMORPG--it’s a core aspect of gameplay, and it can be either one of the most enjoyable experiences in a game, or one of the most frustrating. We’re thrilled to say that on Ascension, it’s the former. We’ve released a MASSIVE leveling overhaul aimed at increasing the exciting, dynamic, and rewarding aspects of leveling while minimizing the repetitive, grindy aspects of it. We want leveling on Ascension to be something fun and engaging, something players want to come back to and experience again and again. We’ve got lots of updates planned for the future, but to begin we’ve targeted the early levels--levels 1-20--and made them some of the most fun you can have developing your custom Hero. Here’s the lowdown: We’ve reduced the EXP required to get from 1 to 20 by 50% -- This means it now takes about half the time to get from level 1 to 20. Get ready to watch those levels fly by. Increased Kill rates -- EXP from killing mobs has been increased Increased Quest Reward rates -- Quests now give increased EXP Greatly increased rested EXP rates -- Logging out in an Inn is great again. All New Level One - This one merits some explanation: Originally on Ascension, a player began the game at level one with three abilities--One that used Mana, one that used Rage, and one that used Energy. These abilities have been removed. Instead you now begin the game with 9 Ability Essences, allowing you to customize your character however you want right from the get-go. You’ll have four abilities to choose at level one, and you’ll get your next at level 10. This means if you have an idea of what kind of character you want to level, you’ll be able to start building towards it right at level one. Especially because... All abilities pre-level 10 are available to choose at level 1--You want to get Tame Pet at level one? Go for it. We made that a thing. Lowered the level requirements of a TON of new abilities in the 1 through 20 range--Aspect of the Cheetah at level 10, anyone? It’s you vs. terrain, and you’re winning. Increased Loot on Leveling Elite Mobs--It’s worth killing those elites out in the world and in dungeons while you level! Increased EXP Gained from Elite World Mob Quests--Completing these quests will yield MASSIVE EXP rewards. Balanced all Low-Level Spells to fit the Classless System--Balanced spells means more spells are viable; play what you want, not what you need to. Introduced Recruit a Friend--We told you we would! Gathering Professions now Grant Experience--That peacebloom is looking a little more tasty now that it grants EXP. Looting Chests Grants your Entire Party Experience--How’s that for a cool update? Reduced EXP Lost When in Groups Drastically--Grouping with other players is now an amazing option for leveling. Run those low level dungeons--with the increased EXP and loot drop from elite mobs, you’ll find yourself flying through levels. Killing a Rare Spawn now Grants an Immense Chunk of EXP--This change means that killing a rare mob is basically the same as completing a quest. It’s a huge chunk of EXP. These changes are designed to make the leveling process feel incredible, heroes. With the increased EXP and reduced requirements to get from 1 to 20, the early game on Ascension is a playground of fast-paced leveling and discovering your custom hero. In addition, the increased EXP and loot from Elite mobs coupled with the reduced party-EXP-penalty rates means that grouping, dungeons, and party-play are an amazing way to both level and gear up. Now is the best time to bring your friends to Project Ascension and try out Classless WoW! Good luck out there, Heroes.
  6. Take your Build to the Next Level The Random Enchantment Overhaul is LIVE! Heroes! The Random Enchantment overhaul is finally here. From this day forward, you will be able to harvest, collect, and apply the enchantments you want to any piece of gear in addition to being able to roll them randomly like before! Gone are the days where you had to decide between wearing your brand new epic shoulders and the old blue ones with the fantastic RE; now, just harvest, collect, and re-apply. Plus, with the addition of the new RE Leveling System, walking away from that Mystic Altar never felt so good. Check out the guide below for all the information on the new RE system: A Guide to Random Enchantments Clicking on an enchanting altar (or on the Enchantment Collection in your Character Advancement Page) now opens up the Mystic Altar, and a brand new UI. This is your Enchantment Collection--a catalogue of all the Random Enchantments currently accessible in the game. Though you ‘ll only be able to see the effects of enchantments you have harvested, you may be able to guess what others do by their names. Just like before, you’ll need [Mystic Runes] to roll RE’s; you can collect them from dungeons, raids, world mobs, and PvP. Place your gear on the altar, hit “Reforge Item”, and you’re on your way. Enchantment Collecting and Collecting Reforging Every time you reforge an item, your Random Enchantment Level will increase: When you reach a new RE level, you’ll receive a [Mystic Extract]. These extracts allow you to destroy a piece of gear to harvest the enchantment it has on it, and add it to your collection; once it’s in your collection, it can be used indefinitely, any number of times, to enchant your gear. Do keep in mind, however, that random enchantments now only stack to five (some enchantments do not stack at all, and these are clearly labeled). Harvesting an Enchantment In order to harvest a random enchantment and add it to your collection, you’ll need two things: a [Mystic Extract] and an item containing the Random Enchantment you want to keep. Simply place the item you want to harvest on the altar and hit “EXTRACT”. See that little sword thing in the corner? Extracting an enchantment destroys the item, so please be absolutely certain before you extract an RE. Once you extract the RE, it appears in your collection and you can use it whenever you want! Mine to keep! Enchanting from your Collection After you have added an enchantment to your collection, you can use it to enchant any piece of gear you like, any number of times. In order to use an enchantment from your collection, however, you’ll need a [Mystic Orb]. Mystic Orbs, like Mystic Runes, drop from some world mobs, PvP, and dungeon bosses. They’re very rare, so try and get your hands on as many as you can; you’ll need them! If you want to add an enchantment from your collection to a piece of gear, simply drag the item you want to enchant onto the altar, and select the enchantment you wish to give it. Then, click on “Collection Reforge”. When you do, a small window will appear detailing how many [Mystic Orbs] it will cost to enchant the item, as well as the success rate of the enchantment. Hit accept, and presto! You’ve got the perfect RE on your gear. And that’s all there is to it! Some Final Notes It’s worth remembering that Random Enchantments will only stack to a maximum of five(5). When we say that, we mean that random enchantments of the same name will only stack to a maximum of five. Any enchantment after the 5th simply doesn’t work, so plan out your spec accordingly. Also, keep in mind that you only get one(1) [Mystic Extract] every time you increase your RE level. While there is no limit to the RE level system, the extracts are still quite rare. Iit’s important to choose the RE’s you want wisely before you harvest them. Finally, harvesting an enchantment gives you the exact enchantment that was on the piece of gear. As you can see above, we’ve added various ranks of RE’s to the game; make sure you’re harvesting the correct rank! That’s pretty much the system, heroes. We decided on this version of RE collection so that you never leave the Mystic Forge disappointed. Now, even if you don’t get the RE you wanted, you’re one step closer to a Mystic Extract. Every Rune you use serves a purpose and helps you get more powerful. No more wasted trips to the altar. We hope you really enjoy the new RE system, heroes. Show us the amazing builds you come up with using it!
  7. Salmaer

    Login times?

    Worry not, heroes! We're working on a fix to really reduce queue times. We didn't expect such a HUGE boom of people, and we're taking measures to increase the size of our servers. Please hang tight!
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  11. Salmaer

    Flurry axe drops

    I admit I found my fair share from the pirates in Tanaris, but yes, as Master Skray said, it is a world drop and has the chance to drop from many mobs.
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  13. Salmaer

    Hi Ascension!

    We're thrilled you're enjoying the server, Master ChronosK! Please do feel free to message the GM's or myself if you have any issues. Have you decided on what sort of Hero you are going to create?
  14. Bring on the Winterveil Cheer! Double EXP Throughout all of Winterveil Heroes! ‘Tis the season to be jolly! If you’ve been good this year (and even if you haven’t, we’ll look the other way this time), get ready for a bit of holiday cheer headed your way. The weather outside might be frightful, but your leveling just got a lot more delightful: we’ve activated double EXP throughout the entire Winterveil season! Those bells won’t be the only thing ding-ing; now is your chance to race through some levels! Whether you’re a three quests away from 60, in the middle of your journey, or just starting out on Ascension, there’s no better time to sit down with a cup of cocoa and grind out a few bars! In fact, if you’re just starting out, we’ve got even bigger news for you: throughout the Feast of Winterveil, the experience required to level from 1 to 20 has been halved. That’s right, heroes; the time it takes to get from level 1 to level 20 has been reduced by HALF. How’s that for getting into the Winterveil spirit? The double EXP event is going on for the whole Feast of Winterveil: from December 15th, 2017 through January 2nd, 2018. Don’t miss your chance to get a massive boost in levels this season, and create the hero you’ve always dreamed of. Happy Winterveil, heroes!
  15. Salmaer

    Ideas for making other tank builds viable.

    I would also love to see the diversity of tanks expanded on. The major trick is figuring out how to increase PvE diversity while not giving PvPers a healthy chunk of defenses to go with their already impressive damage. The idea of a spellcaster tank is very intriguing--I wonder how we would do it!

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