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  1. Thismongrel

    New players Expierance

  2. Thismongrel


    So I've been playing on Ascension constantly since Cenarius launched and I've gotta say I've had a lot of fun here, but holy moly if the devs haven't shit the bed with the recent changes made on Andorhal... I can't even fathom what went through those thick skulls in the dev team to actually believe the changes made in regards to getting REs were a good idea, because news flash retards, it sure as shit wasn't. If you just take a look at the ghost town of a server you've created in Andorhal now you'd see that, since the only time there is ever anyone online is when a raid team is going and the *poof* they're offline doing other shit. Since the changes, the AH is more or less dead, there is NOBODY selling REs at all, unless you're raiding runes are still retardedly boring to come by and you're punishing not only older players who want to change their builds, but also completely killing off any hope a new player has of getting their own builds going. And before you say "BUT OUR CENSUS SAYS OTHERWISE :^)", none of us believe that bullshit. These changes only affect Andorhal, because at least on LS you can trade gear and shit, myself and the rest of the server are really struggling to find a reason behind making it such a chore to get a build going on Andorhal. Not a single person I have spoken to has said these RE changes are a good idea, nor has really anyone said anything positive about it in the discord as far as I've seen. And with all this negative feedback what response do we get as a playerbase? Riko saying "I will forward this to the team, Thanks!", almost a month? after the changes have been made. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Give us a fucking real response already. Please enlighten us if there's something we're not understanding here. You guys are gonna want to hope a good chunk of the Bloodscalp population sticks to Andorhal after seasonal finishes because otherwise you guys will be over instead. Hey, why do they call it an Xbox 360? Because when you see it you turn 360 degrees and walk away! hahaha XD!
  3. Thismongrel

    PvE Healer Build - Help Needed

    You don't need a ST heal as PoH lol, it hits the entire party with huge crit heals, all of which proc Beacon of Light on whoever you've cast Beacon on. Also, that "tweaked" (lol) build you posted is just an entirely different build.
  4. Thismongrel

    PvE Healer Build - Help Needed

    Life Tap is still the best mana regen ability by a mile. It scales with your spellpower, so you can get upwards of 10% of your mana back per cast on a 6 second cd quite easily. If you're going to focus on crit healing, stay away from mp5 talents and spirit because they won't really benefit you almost at all. You can get more than enough mana back from Life Tap, Mana Gem and Innervate, not to mention other spells like Mana Tide Totem/Evocation. Mana as a healer really shouldn't be an issue as long as you're tapping as much as you need to during a fight and aren't just slamming your heal keys until you're oom. Also, don't take those shitty crit talents like Thundering Strikes when talents like Blessing of the Eternals in Resto Shaman exist which are simply better on a point for point basis (Thunder Strikes for example is 5% crit for 5 TE, Blessing of the Eternals is 4% for 2 TE). Depending on what spells you're using there are a lot of much much much better sources of crit chance than those ones.
  5. Please be sensible in the Q&A thread mate...
  6. Hi devs! Just wondering why you've got Naxxramas on the timeline BEFORE TBC? Doesn't seem to make sense that you would release a WotLK raid before TBC, especially considering Naxxramas is in an area that you've locked us out of accessing for the moment (Dragonblight), as well as it being a level 80 raid instance. I personally don't see how any raid team will be able to clear it. Can you please elaborate as to why.
  7. Thismongrel

    Season 2 Balance Specific Changes

    I don't know if you're just conveniently avoiding any mentions of the PTR in this thread or not, but you've got two whole servers worth of players already geared and ready to test this sort of stuff, and from your replies so far it sounds like you're putting all of these changes solely in the hands of Bloodscalp. Correct me if I'm wrong because I REALLY hope I am. Even with the systems you've put in to get people geared faster I don't see how you can't sit here and honestly tell us you think seasonal players are gonna give us an accurate picture of how these changes would affect the live realms on bosses in AQT can you?
  8. Thismongrel

    Feral in this cruel world

    SirGank is right, feral is fine.
  9. Are there any plans to ever make a Metamorphosis tank style build actually viable? A couple patches back you guys added a threat increase whilst in form to the Demonic Resilience talent which sorta seemed out of the blue considering you didn't also address the survivability issue they have.
  10. Hey, why do they call it an Xbox 360?
  11. Thismongrel

    New specs ideas

    Having suggestions for builds is all well and good but what value does this thread really provide lol. You've just put a bunch of ideas in that sound cool without even trying to flesh out how you would make them work. If you want stuff like what you've suggested put in, how about actually trying to explain what you'd change/rework/add if you were gonna do it because as it stands right now, this post is shit.
  12. Thismongrel

    Ascension Q&A Video - Give us your Questions!

    Hey, why do they call it an Xbox 360?
  13. Thismongrel

    Disable Whelp Respawns in BWL

    Just delete everything leading up to Broodlord entirely tbh

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