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  1. Skray

    Dev Update #75

    I feel like we've also been ignoring poor old Mutilate and energy based specs in general that need some love now with losing 2x focused attacks and potentially a lot of crit they relied upon for energy regen.
  2. Skray

    Dev Update #75

    Volley and Arcane shot scale from RAP not from SP. Even though they don't deal physical damage, and you can increase their damage with % Arcane Damage modifiers, but they scale from RAP. Volley is RAP*0.083700 + base damage, and Arcane Shot ris RAP*0.15 + base damage. Same with Poisons, they do Nature damage and nature damage modifiers DO increase their damage, but they scale from MAP not SP. Generic % spell damage modifiers will also affect them (things like Arcane Power, etc.)
  3. Skray

    Dev Update #75

    I would still like to see numbers and a spec comparison to show that it does work. There are caster build varients that work really well in melee range that Renamed made, but I wouldn't call them hybrids, probably a Melee-Mage or Spellsword. They ignore half of what makes a hybrid a hybrid and instead they're a caster build that abuses things hybrid previously used and requires a traditional hybrid to get a completly new set of gear if it wants to try the new spec because they don't share a gearset at all (A huge issue on Andorhal and not so much on LS).
  4. Skray

    Dev Update #75

    I think this is kind of the problem with Hybrids. The old way of playing hybrid combined both AP and SP dual scaling abilties along SP scaling on-hit effects for good DPS. Now, because of the conversion nerfs, it's either more effective to completely embrace the Agi/AP side and just go phys DPS. Or embrace the SP side, and just go full caster.
  5. Skray

    Dev Update #75

    I'm not saying it's hard. I'm saying it's not an auto attacking build like you said. Pressing a few keys is how every DPS build works. I'm sure even this brand new hybrid build you have still presses 1-5 to DPS. Just a different 1-5 then they were before. PVE DPS always has a rotation of abilities it follows, or some sort of priority based system of what ability to use based on when they come off CD, or when there is a proc. The brainless builds are 1 button specs like Slam/Mutilate/Cat.
  6. Skray

    Dev Update #75

    Hybrid never were just auto attacking brainless monkeys. They had 5-6 different abilities to use in a rotation: Hammer of the Righteous, Bloodthirst, Whirlwind, Stormstrike, Judgement, sinister as a filler where needed. Then there were varients that fit in Lava Lash or a Maelstrom weapon proc. That made a complete rotation without any wasted GCDs where they weren't wasting any time. They brought the least utility to a raid due to having so many different abilties.
  7. Skray

    Dev Update #75

    Sword Spec REs/Talents were also used by TG with Bonereaver/Untamed blade at the same time that hybrid was using it. Which also kinda points to a lack of good REs for TG in the middle stages of the game. In MC/BWL the best weapons are Swords and a TG kinda lacks good REs to use. But once a TG obtains Dark Edge he can swap to the superior Poleaxe REs which are such a big damage % boost.
  8. Skray

    Dev Update #75

    This is simply not true. In AQ, the top melee DPS specs were Melee hunter, Thunderclap and TG. Hybrids were close, but did not top the meters over these specs. Slam and feral could also be contenders for some of the best melee specs as well. Since the nerfs, Hybrids have lost probably about 25-30% of their DPS in PVE, while Melee Hunter, Thunderclap and TG are still on the top of the meters doing around the same amount of DPS as always. They may not be rock bottom. But why would you want to play hybrid when you can just play a much better performing spec?
  9. Skray

    Dev Update #75

    They're pretty close to the bottom, I'd say of the meta melee builds hybrids and mutilate are at the bottom now. Are they still "viable"? With the nerfs to AQ, yes. Their DPS is acceptable. But it feels terrible to play a previously competitive DPS spec and now you're at the bottom while the rest of your raid is still pulling the same/similar numbers they did before the changes. I think the issue is the nerfs were intended to bring all specs down to a more reasonable level but some didn't get nerfed or received extremely minor nerfs. TG even received some compensatory PVE buffs to counter the nerfs with a 20% CD reduction on WW with the talent now.
  10. Skray

    Inspecting builds.

    Fair enough. That's the big reason why everyone is so opposed to the idea. People have builds that give them an edge over other players and they don't want to lose an advantage. The issue really comes down to people don't want to give up their advantage. Either on high risk, or low risk. They wanna keep being the top PVPer and the top DPS in raids without letting others see what makes them the best. I think one of the problems Ascension has is making the game have a low barrier to entry where new players can actually compete against veterans. At the end of the day, Ascension needs more population on both LS and Andorhal and part of the problem is making the game available to new players. It has a hard time keeping new players, especially on high risk where they get farmed and quit because they can't compete either because of a lack of skill, or a lack of access to good builds. They could join a guild of veterans and be taught a build, but then it leads to all new players needing to be in a guild of veterans to be viable. Whether build sharing is the solution to that, I don't know, but it is some sort of solution.
  11. Skray

    Inspecting builds.

    That's kind of a terrible metaphor, because build copying is what happens at a job. That job wants you to be as efficient and effective as possible, so as a new employee (player) they are going to take the method they worked out to be the best that the older coworker is using, and tell you to use that. They're not going to throw you in and say "figure it out and if you don't you're fired". That's a way to burn through employees super fast. They want a body in the chair that can follow instructions and copy what they know to be best. And if you figure out a more efficient way to do something, you better share it with your coworkers to improve the entire job.
  12. Skray

    Build Ideas

    It's also a video from beta. It relied on having as many hits as possible to proc a shadow damage RE that didn't make it to live.
  13. Skray

    New player Stormstrike build?

    Currently Agi is absolutely the way to go for TG builds both in PVE and PVP. 60 abilities will be Whirlwind, Stormstrike, Hemo, Bloodthirst, and Eviscerate (to refresh Slice and Dice with Cut to the Chase). It sounds like you are on the right path for a proper TG build.
  14. Skray

    Lower Cost of unlearning

    The full talent and spell resets just start at a lower cost now. The cost keeps increasing each time you do a full reset until it's at the old costs. The announcement was a bit confusing tbh
  15. Try this download to see if it'll work for you, then /wa to get it to pop up in game. https://github.com/jejkas/WeakAura-3.3.5

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