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    Are you a great writer? Do you love Ascension? Do you want to EARN DP for your Ascension expertise? The Ascension Team is looking for players with in-depth knowledge of Ascension and custom Ascension mechanics to create articles for our upcoming Ascension Wiki! What we are looking for in the articles: Rich media Videos Spell tool-tips Pictures Good Categorization Accurate and thorough explanations How to submit an article: Find an article that has not been Striked Through OR create your own article that you think would provide high value content for the Ascension Community! Create a google document titled: "Ascension Wiki - Name of Article" Share the google document with ascensionwiki@gmail.com using the Share button at the top right of the google doc At the top of your Document include: Email to contact you Discord ID if applicable Forum Name if applicable In-Game Name you would like author credit assigned to What happens after I submit an article? The Ascension team will review the article for accuracy and quality A team member will contact you with our decision or feedback We will publish the article on the Ascension Wiki and award your account DP If multiple submissions for the same article are submitted before the article is published we may take parts of both and award DP and author rights as appropriate. We will award between 10-50 DP per article based on quality and length. The Classless System Overview article is likely to be longer than the Purges article and we will award DP with that in mind. We are also looking for people willing to TRANSLATE articles into other languages. If you are interested in this drop a comment below with the language(s) you would like to translate. These are the types of articles we are looking for. In-Depth and more extensive articles, like Classless System Overview, we will be looking for the highest quality content and will award additional DP. Articles in bold will be worth more. Classless System Overview Low-Risk Realms High-Risk Realms Open World Drops and iLvL system Fel Commutation Cross Faction Gameplay Cross Faction LFD Mystic Enchanting - 1 article submitted. Accepting additional high quality articles. Raiding on Ascension Custom Raid Mechanics Raiding Guides 10 man 25 man AQ - 1 article submitted. Accepting additional high quality articles. Purges Stat Allocation Scroll of Unlearning Call Boards - Custom Dailies Keeping Evil at Bay Sanctioned Hunt Threat to Azeroth The Siege Heroes Call Call to Arms A Lesser Known issue Multi-Spec Tomes and Tome Collection Vanity Items Collection Ascension Racials Build Creator Good Starter Builds Glory System Karma System Outlaw/Neutral City Law Rep Murderous Intent Honorable Combat Respite Loot to the victor only Ascension Custom Items Gnomish Transpolyporter Gnomish Portable Post Tube (low risk only) ect World Events Blood Bowl Neutral Faction Teleporters Greedy Demon Hero Class Cross Faction LFD LFD Legendary REs Spoils of War Wildcard An Qiraji Invasions Notable Custom Changes Raiding Checkpoint System Seasonal Realms Seasonal Points Seasonal Collection Seasonal Challenges Hero Highlights Invoker Firestarter Darkguard Grove Warden Single target farming locations AOE farming locations Leveling Guides Crafting Guides New Player Guides
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    You appear to have made a typo. It should be "A Lesser Known Issue", no? My title says it all. Quality has been assured.
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    Going to start working on a Classless System overview article and accompanying video! Great idea and incentive to get people to help out
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    I have a question - is there any need of russian/ukranian translation for the wiki? I can do that)
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    Can't stress this part enough. Why something like full Blackwing Lair/Ahn'qiraj item sets give the same amount of base resilience excluding set boni is beyond my understanding as well...items with offensive stats now get passive defensive stats with no drawbacks. It's like back when they considered adding another 20 Strength to Sulfuras and then still leaving it at ilvl 80...
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    Ash said this a looong time ago and I'd like his forum post if I knew how to brain rn. But he suggested 20% dmg nerf and 15% healing nerf to everything on ascension. Passive. Flat. Hard. Not scaling based not individual scenario based a flat server wide reduction to any and all outputs. We do more than 75% of good max hp in pvp in a global. Imagine that in TBC wotlk cata mop or any other expansion that's blizzlike... That's a massive amount of damage. In full bis pvp gear currently I have 393 resilience giving me 9.x% reduction.. In semi bis pvp gear on blizzlike you have 20% dmg reduction, resilience is still fucked. The fact that it comes off of pve gear makes things even more retarded. There are pvp sets. Several. Fix the damn resilience by putting resil on pvp gear and removing it from non pvp gear ffs. It's called Stat balancing, remove offensive stats for defensive pvp Stat and automatically you have pvp balance half way to where it should be.
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    For the record, I don't play demon. I was expecting a nerf months ago when Beast master got some anal love from the Ban hammer, ~ again, over nerfed.
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    Your right, was probably Turn Evil i was thinking off. However Banish is still not a counter, especially as a melee, i have tested that. Even if its duration was buffed, Mass Dispel would be an easy choice, personally i would cast MD at the same time i see Banish being cast. In that GCD exchange the tanky pet user will be gaining the advantage. Pet, DOT's, Defence & Self Healing, It comes as no surprise, as this is a logical choice for the top 1v1 build. It is a broken playstyle, the only reason it's not always spoken about is because the majority would rather not play automated trash. However there's few player's that put the gratification of winning above everything else and for that reason it needs to feel a smack from the Nerf Hammer.
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    We have seen the love for Frost and also the deep love for Fire. But where is it for lightning. I know there is aimed shot, however that is a gcd instead of damage. We see each one (frost,fire) built in. Would love to see lightning have a talent for the same thing as the others. Some people say that lightning is burst. However its if u get lucky on overload. Many times i go utility lightning because i know that the chance of getting it are low. Frost also gets a slow that helps out a much. Where as u could say we can use frost shock. But again that is another gcd. Using a gcd is reducing the damage ur putting out.
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    PVP SKILL HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAHAHA Their has never been skill in ascension pvp, just flavor of the month builds that do all of the work.
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    It will take time tho. Btw just finished the Mystic enchantment wiki english version ill do the translations at an other time when we finish with the wiki.
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    Greetings! This is a known issue, and we are looking into the cause!
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    Was trying to transfer a character from LS to PTR However i get "you can't buy items that cost 0 VP or DP." ?
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    I can do Romanian translations. Also ill be looking into explaining some of the stuff listed above but i will use only photos and text.
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    I feel the playerbase is lacking without this, as other wow private servers that are nothing compared to this one are booming because of the voting sites.... If you type wow private server on google you cannot find Project Ascension anywhere? I feel like you guys should take more initiative on this by making a voting system? For possibly mystic orbs or mystic runes as a reward or something? I think this would increase the player base huge if you were to put yourselves on the voting sites to be voted for.
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    But its limited alrdy? Im confused
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    The raiding guides, are they suppose to be about every raid seperately or just general 10/25 man raiding?
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    It was a late night last night when we were working on this, we didn't even think about adding in translations. That will actually be amazing, we've always struggled with non-english speaking audiences due to the burden of in-game constant translation. We're adding that into the main article
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    Hey there everyone! I've finally been able to fix the Patch-B.mpq Troll Metamorphosis crash as well as the Nefarian shadow clones crash. Please delete the old Patch-B.mpq from your Data folder and download the new one from the drive link. If you run into any new issues, please feel free to contact me on Discord about it. Enjoy!! - Riko
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    Here's the updated custom model/texture patches that works with the Ascension models. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1KW3stTZoExeuvuIqfNJQpasy4iA8dy5N I'll update this thread when I update the patches as well. If you run into any issues while using the patches, feel free to message me on Discord. https://model-changing.net/profile/2422-finsternis/ - Credit to this dude for some of the original patches. Enjoy!
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    Tichondrius doesn't exist. Bloodscalp is a temp server with even more custom features then either Laughing skull or andorhal. it's currently the highest populated server but it's also high risk with loot drop on death. the current custom feature is wildcard on bloodscalp which is basically randomizes the ability's you get as you level.
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    I always thought pvp was based around skill however. When going into a bg and guy is just running exhaustion and has a felguard hitting for 1k each auto is a little bit much. How can i do anything also if they are immune to everything with Demonic Empowerment. I also know I'm not the only one to think this either so you better be making a change soon or reduce the damage of a pet from the legendary re as well. Like i said there is no skill in this either because the damage a pet takes is greatly reduced mostly the felguard if u talent it. Thus i cant do anything if its also healing from a talent as well. I dont want to just make a spec to counter a felguard. I rather be able to run be utility build. But cant when a felguard is immune to everything in the book. Also if u reply with "oh just get banish" You will be losing another player who has been on this server for over a year. and good luck getting more. at that point
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    When a nerf is needed it usually means the spec is putting out too much Dps/hps which in alot of the cases is true. In this case it's the damage even with deterance working correctly. I can't 1v1 a felguard let alone with the owner of it. The real question is what would u want nerfed the damage it does or the damage it takes, maybe even both. But if devs don't want "meta" then they need to work on more of the aspect of counters.. Instead of one build kills all. Also I can see you guys are talking about more than the build I listed, more of whole thing of pvp. However that wasn't what I was going for in this post rather just giving an example of how meta builds, and rather a pretty ez one to get a hold of can be a threat to melee and casters alike.

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