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    Spellpower Dk-s were a thing till patch 3.2 what happened beyond is unknown to me, they just stopped working, but it was like 3 spells death and decay and I believe death coil and corpse explosion? The scaling was way over 1x spellpower so it was more so a unsuspecting cheese tactic, you don't expect death and decay to hit you that hard the moment its placed, now imagine being rooted on spot whilst a warlock is using hellfire on you. Not exactly abusable anywhere outside (here at least) Stealthy ambushes or unsuspecting deathknight casters on bgs picking off squishy targets that would die anyways. With the topic on hand though, Ima have to say that releasing the deathknight kit in any way, shape or form on ascension would have to be severely regulated with hefty nerfs. (And I mean literaly so nerfed that the spells are down into the ground and unpickable). 1. With the adition of a new resource (Runes and runic power) you have potentialy one of the most broken meele metas in existence, powerfull hitting abilities that scale of attack power and asides dealing extra effects cost little to no resource to maintain. Icy touch and plaguestrike being the main culprit of this. So refresh of runes would have to be regulated since you get 6 at your disposal to use for a variety of effects and spells. Now imagine a strength caster (Famous muscle mages) suddenly hitting icy touch on you that hits stronger than a beefed up holy fire,pyroblast or shadowbolt. 2. Deathstrike and rune tap/vampiric blood... yeah, you think blood thirst was annoying with its % based healing, try these three spells in combination for a change, not costing anything bar a blood rune and an unholy rune. Chaining these three together in clutch as a cooldown whilst the enemy is diseased can be pretty annoying to deal with, even with anti healing measures, the sustain is just ridiculous the more hp the target has. 3. An extra pet, you'd think that having an additional pet class isn't as bad till you realize that a ghoul pet when glyphed/talented benefits double off the dk-s stats compared to any pet scaling in game. You can check it in any client revision of wotlk, ghouls have more strength than the deathknight in question at all times. Now imagine here where you stack mod atop of mod and eventualy somehow get a few hunter pet specific talents work for you as well. 4. Icebound fortitude, asides granting Dr based on your defense rating (partialy static when glyphed) it doesn't let you to get stunned. Yes an anti stun mechanic atop of increased DR, one of them has to go for this spell to work with a classless clusterfuck such as Ascension. 5. Threat of thassarian talent and TG interraction, picture a meele attack doing magical damage, now picture a spell that does weapon damage, in magical but with both weapons. Whirlwind pre nerf flashbacks anyone? 6. Literaly every defensive spell/talent dks have anti-magic shell, anti magic-zone, unbreakable armor,spell deflection,acclimation.. The list goes on. 7. The pressences passively themselves whilst required if you play a pure deathknight, in a classless enviroment could cause weird glitchy unintended behavior (gcd from unholy pressence for instance or raw armor increase from frost pressence that would work with shields too+ passive DR) Just thinking bout it makes it repulsive and gag inducing, there is so much stuff that would outright need to get reworked completely just so its not a empty talent slot, some removed and some just nerfed in terms of scaling and what nots. That is all under the asumption we will ever hit wotlk to get these spells going, cause in the state they are they are in no way acclimated to be used in an TBC or Vanilla era of base ability damage and gear scaling.
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    Good evening, I am healer main and i would try bring up an issue that i've been seeing lately. To start with, removing spell mastery and not conpensating poh (prayer of healing) and chain heal makes them not as viable picks for raiding as hots or pws (power word: shield). I get that the 20% nerf in raids was the conpensation but that doesn't excuse the problem that it makes both of the mention specs not as viable in pve. It's clunky as heck and unfun to play standing there every 2 seconds doing absolutely nothing and then getting interupted by a stun and continue to stand there just to start the cast all over again. By removing SM, it only damages casting types of healing and making the gap between instant cast and castable heals ever so much wider as the instant cast heals are not as much affected only with gcd (global cooldown). This way it more favors of going into instant cast healing mainly hots/pws and leaving all the other builds in the dirt. I get the idea that heals are Op but would it hurt to add any other haste talents besides (gift of the earthmother) and (Enlightenment) to not mainly go into healing increases but haste increases that way you will reduce healing numbers (which fixes the problem of heals being ginormous by vanilla standings) of the specs but keep the fun aspect of casting as you need more points into haste ? This way in my opinion will make the core healers happy while at the same time balancing it out + it will make chain heal/poh/healing wave/holy light builds more fun to play. Other concern of mine is that we will only see 2 types of meta healers in naxxramas hots and pws as I've said they do not deal with spell mastery being removed. I would not like this to happen as it hurts the game and makes healing even more boring then it should be ( to those that like the casting aspect of healing specs). Overall, I would like to see a some conpensation to castable healing spells as it would be new re's (random enchants) or maybe getting a new haste talent or anything of those sorts of things, works but be aware that just nerfing hots and pws to be incline with the other healing builds WILL NOT FIX THE PROBLEM at hand. Which is that castable heals are boring and unrewarding to play at the state they are in. Thank you for reading.
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    I don't understand why almost every, if not every, casted damaging spell received a shorter base cast time and/or damage increase to compensate for the spell mastery removal but healing spells received zero changes.
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    Dear Devs, I believe all community members would like to receive some feedback in return. Did you like any of proposed ideas, do you agree with our statements regarding recent design? What's your opinion on the current state of pvp after the balance notes? What do you think of the massive community haste nerf disapproval? I, personally, would like to hear your opinion on these subjects.
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    If you learn a Pet spell, summon it, dismiss it, relogg = fixed 9/10 times. You can use macros too. /cast Fireball /petattack
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    So...Death Knights...on Ascension. A touchy subject for some and while playing Ascension I've heard what many other players think of the topic. Most players usually fall under one of three schools of thought. It will not and should not happen. It has to happen but will be a huge pain in the ass to implement for both players and devs. Give us Death Knights NOW!!! For those who don't know, Death Knight abilities benefit from both attack power AND spell power. Some of the Death Knight abilities also use mechanics that none of the other class abilities do too. And talents? Death Knight talents have to potential to not only completely change up the ENTIRE meta but also kill the server if not balanced right. Because of all this implementing Death Knights is a difficult process even on normal servers. Some players think Ascension will or should never have Death Knight class options enabled and I get why. I used to play on another classless server before Ascension and they enabled Death Knight talents/abilities without balancing them and instead chose to make the game more difficult to accommodate the new OP meta. This however resulted in EVERYONE having to chose the same exact builds just to progress through the game. In the end this server died when everyone left for Ascension. I think Ascension can succeed where this server failed however. I think Ascension can balance Death Knights. So naturally I fall under #2 and think that if Ascension releases WOTLK in the future Death Knight class options will have to come with it. It wouldn't make sense otherwise since the class is such a huge part of the expansion. The real question I think is when. When should the devs release Death Knights and start balancing them? Should they release all the class features at once when WOTLK comes out and work their asses off to balance 80 levels worth of new class features? Or should they release it now and balance it bit by bit as Ascension progresses to WOTLK? I think releasing Death Knights sooner than later would be better since the imbalance the new Talents and Abilities will create won't be as bad if Death Knight builds have 20 less talents to work with. On the other hand there are plenty of players who desire the "authentic" experience. Why they expect that from a classless server like Ascension I don't know but I expect those players would rather vanilla feel like vanilla, BC like BC, and WOTLK like WOTLK. I get this way of thinking too, nostalgia and all, ya know? But Ascension is already special and in its own league. And since the server is already so heavily modified from what retail was back in the day I see no reason to limit the Dev's creativity and production for the sake of what same may consider conventional. Anyways, what do you guys think? If you thought this post was even a little interesting please consider giving it a thumbs up.
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    Content is released roughly following the order blizz released it, so I bet DKs will be in when wrath hits. There's roughly 3 years till wrath. 3 years to playtest on PTR, listen to feedback from players and balance. It took blizz a year to tune the most bonkers parts of DK in line with other classes. 3 years should be enough for Ascension devs to do their job. Will the devs use this time wisely or ignore DKs till the last moment, that's the question. Though I have no doubt that S5 would be as fun and as engaging as it was back then in '09. Some things are doomed to repeat themselves.
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    All I'd want from DK's would be the ghoul, army of the dead and gargoyle. Some of the tanking stuff would be pretty cool to play around with as well.
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    SP Death Knight was apparently a thing on some private servers (maybe early TrinityCore?) they could use holy paladin gear and get some really high damage on their spells. But yeah, blizzlike is only AP scaling. I'm hoping Death Knight abilities do become available, but they will need a LOT of balancing as things like Unholy Presence reducing everyone's GCD to 1s will be an auto-pickup. I imagine these kinds of things will be class-masked to DK only abilities.
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    I'm still so confused as to how this was thought to be a good change before Naxx. You'll have slower healers, meaning they have less chances for being interrupters if that is ever needed or any thing that needs them to not heal or react to is simply gonna gut healing completely since the cast times are much longer. Mechanics in Naxx are either gonna have to be slow and dumb or there will be no space for the now slow hardcasted heals - which mind you doesn't outperform the insta casted ones either. It would be at least somewhat understandable if there was a big gap between them in power to justify you sacrificing 1-2.5s of casting and standing in place but there aint. Compare it to the Hot & PWS based healers who can just keep moving and doesn't have to sacrifice anything but a gcd to throw an interrupt, stun or anything else. And as veryone else has said it straight up feels like shit to go from having haste to a 31% haste nerfs in just two patches. And I'm not sure but have you had a look at it for pvp yet? These cast times in pvp are not possible on this server, if u want to be of any value to a group against competent players with interrupts & cc.
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    So, I'm making this thread now because I feel the current state of Laughing Skull is a joke IMO(Not everyone's opinions) I don't find WPvP as fun as it used to be in beta and the early days of Sargeras and there are a few reasons why and I will list them and what my idea(Currency system) will do to help fix these problems. 1. It's not High Risk if people aren't taking risks or the risk is too great. Case and point, people with full BiS epics and re's spend time getting that gear even on LS it's not so easy to farm hours a day to get gold to do it. So once you've acquired all that gear you won't leave the main city alone to avoid being ganked and losing it. 2. PvE on a high risk realm? The original idea for Ascension was a classless high risk experience where WPvP was abundant and group content was not needed. In beta there were no raids until the end and 5 man dungeons gave the best gear, blues... 3. Abundance of gear back then, as we progress forward the gear gap between newer and older players started to grow and so does the lack of WPvP. In beta the best gear you could get were blues, maybe some world epics that dropped which were abundant. People didn't care to lose gear and there were no re tables to make your build only viable through the use of 10+ re's. Not only until the end of beta and beginning of Sargeras when raids were announced and people got raid gear were the fel commutation system really changed and made so you couldn't lose gear then changed to only 3 pieces being allowed. 4. Balance... This is a tough topic as it's hard to say how you can balance a classless server that has so many opportunities for things to become overpowered or "meta". When we all first started we all thought our build would be the greatest thing ever and we all enjoyed making stupid builds because no one knew what they were doing but as time progressed and the Dev team have changed talents, spells, from their original WotLK ratios and timers, things get a little bit harder to do. In my opinion, I believe the Devs should remove RE's from the game and stop looking to make new RE's as they only seem to break more things and add another factor when it comes to balance. If there RE's that gave little advantages instead of increases to damage, health, crit or any other stat and the Dev's focused solely on balancing the abilities and talents they have, then they could accurately balance all builds and test with them. But, you can't buff something without trying every re because some builds are terrible without 10 re's, some are good then get even more broken with re's and some like judgement don't require many re's but still hit very hard. TG's have always been a problem since beta since they were easy and fun for new players but they were counterable and still are but that line grows harder to see as changes are made without proper documentation or tooltips. Also IMO I don't think stealth should be a major thing on a high risk WPvP realm as it allows you to not fight and only pick when you want to assassinate the 1 guy in greens/blues farming that has no cd's or run away from a fight before it starts. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now onto my idea: Currency system I will still use the point system to address each topic discussed above and how my system changes it. The currency system is an idea that each player has their own currency, that isn't gold or anything but more like rank points or honor and top level gear is only accessable through buying this with this currency. This currency is only obtained by killing other players in WPvP but the catch is, if you die you lose an amount of your currency. Epics will no longer drop from world farming or raids or dungeons, although blues and world drops will still drop abundantly and I mean abundantly for newer players to atleast stand a chance against veterans. Your character along with this currency also has a gear score, so if a player in full epics decides to fight a player in greens/blues thats new, that player will not lose as much currency and the player will not gain extra currency. This is just the basis for this idea and I will further explain it in the points below. 1. The point of this currency system is to allow risk in WPvP while not also killing yourself if you die once with epics. You will not lose your gear on death unless you are at 0 currency... Which will require you to die multiple times or to a player that is significantly lower geared then you. By doing this, there will be those players that stick out from the rest and do better and achieve the gear faster then others. This will by no means be an easy thing to get fully epic'd and it shouldn't take a measily 2 weeks or month and should be earned because if you're constantly in fights, you can constantly lose? BUT WAIT WHAT IF THERE'S A 1000 PLAYER GROUP THATS JUST WIPING THE ENTIRE WORLD OUT? They don't get currency if they kill players with the help of others, perhaps make it so if X amount of players fight a lower X amount of players, they gain less currency or none at all and the opponents lose no currency for being killed by 10. I also don't believe you should be able to group with more than 4 other players, so basically you shouldnt be able to make a raid group period. Also, you cannot farm the same player over and over to achieve currency, there will be a limit on how many times they can die within a certain amount of time. 2. The system itself as explained above eliminates raids. Well you want BWL gear and high risk gear, go WPvP and try to kill more people than you die. If you drop down to 0 currency or are killed multiple times you may lose 1 piece of your epic gear which will result in setting you back. 3. The system itself will obviously have players that stand out from others, survival of the fittest and all and so those players will get more gear then the others and quicker but by no means should they be fully epic'd out in 2 weeks, or a month. Perhaps 2-3 months sounds reasonable as players deserve to be challenged as vanilla, and TBC were. And then when ascension decides they've had enough of BWL or whatever raid their on they can release the next set of raid gear that can be acquired through currency. Currency will have a cap FYI so you cannot hoard it abundantly for the next raid gear to be purchased and so players cant have 1 million currency and never have a chance of losing their gear. 4. Although, there is no system that will fix balance, if you read my above post you can either agree or disagree with points but I don't think large scale WPvP is really a thing for a server of this proportion and should be left to AV when we have an abundance of 3000-5000 players and can make rewards that are suitable for BG's... Also, if you get rid of stealth and other things that make it so WPvP is an "Option" and not required on LS, you may get some pretty funny/angry and fun moments. I think RE's are a big problem though at the moment. ; All in all I hope you can take the time to read this and give constructive feedback on maybe ideas that you have or think about, or improve on my idea. I love this server very much as I am a big WoW fan and have played almost every expansion thoroughly and competitively but nothing has given me the rush that I once had since WotLK and I would hate for this server that has so much potential be ruined by little things that can be changed if the people love the server as much as I do band together and work on it and are willing to put the time in. Also, sorry if there are mistakes in my grammar I am too lazy to go back and fix them. If I missed any crucial ideas/flaws in my system be sure to let me know and give me your idea on how to fix it.
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    Making stealth have a duration of any kind breaks the entire feel and fantasy of playing rogue. Period. That's the biggest point that dude made though, and I agree.
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    Making stealth have a duration of any kind breaks the entire feel and fantasy of playing rogue. Period. I love how jandice over here is going around "testing" stuff to proof a point about stealth being right the way it is now. It isn't and no amount of "testing" on your part can proof anything otherwise. Can you imagine what would happen if blizzard would apply this to their live servers? This change makes it seem like stealth was overpowered before, which it wasn't in any way. If anything the ability to use stealth was more of a gimp on the rogue's part. Yes, you can sneak around indefinitely. Yes, you can stalk prey and open when you feel the time is right. But what is the trade off here? OH right it's around 8/10 TE's, out of the 52 available? Players that didn't use stealth already had an advantage on any rogue simply because of the investment having to be made. The devs made a terrible choice here, and it saddens me deeply. Loved this server to death.
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    Actually you can reset your talents either individually by paying gold or with talent resets (purple button next to the stat allocation one and the one where you learn talents).
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    One in advance ... This spell is just a suggestion and not planned for ingame (but i hope it will find a way in) Shadow Bolt = 200% Shadow Word: Pain = 30% Example: Shadow Bolt with 185 INT = 370 damage / 371 INT = 742 damage Shadow Word: Pain with 185 INT = 55,5 damage (lets round so 56) / 371 INT = 111,3 damage (lets round again: 111) And should 200% too much for Shadow Bolt then 100%. For the PvP Players "Shadow Mastery" can be silenced and the caster will get the 2 minutes cooldown. With other words: Watch what they cast and stop it or pay with your life.

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