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    C'thun is an excellent dungeon to complete with my fellow dungeoneers. Very good loot from this dungeon!
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    Hey there heroes. I'm here today to talk briefly about some changes we have going live today on Andorhal and Laughing Skull. Let's get to it. Agility now grants about 0.038% dodge per point at level 60, from about 0.0574%. Strength now grants about 0.033% parry per point at level 60, from about 0.016%. We're aware of the power Agility grants over Strength in PvE, but this is magnified further by the additional defensive stats it also provides to aggressive builds in PvP. We wanted to make sure we weren't hurting tanks too badly with this change, and we also wanted Strength to be a better contender vs Agility. This change should ensure that overall avoidance levels will go down greatly, but it should also make sure tanks and builds that actually needed the avoidance aren't hurting too badly. Resilience now grants about 70% less reduced chance to be crit by attacks. (Tooltips will currently display one third the value for reduced mana drains and reduced damage taken. We are currently working on a fix for this and baseline resilience on players has been increased.) We wanted to reduce the damage players were able to output versus other players across the board again to deal with increased scaling that is ever present on Ascension. We also realized the very high crit reduction was much stronger versus some builds over others so we wanted to tune that back a bit. This change should leave most currently players with around 20% damage reduction and 3.3% crit chance reduction. This should allow tanks to still easily remain crit capped as well. I also want to point out that this is meant as more of a short-term fix for player damage, but we do have plans to make some more long-term changes to address this problem at its core. Charge now has a 16 sec cooldown, from 20 sec, and no longer requires a stance to use. Improved Charge now reduces the cooldown of Charge by 2/4 sec, from 2.5/5. Intercept no longer requires a stance and now shares a 10 sec cooldown with Shadowstep. Shadowstep now shares a 10 sec cooldown with Intercept. Curse of Exhaustion now has a 4 sec cooldown. Slow now has a 4 sec cooldown. Warbringer has been reworked and now removes movement impairing effects on you when using Charge, Intercept, or Intervene. Blast Wave now shares a 10 sec cooldown with Typhoon. Typhoon now shares a 10 sec cooldown with Blast Wave. Improved Intercept RE now increases the damage of your Intercept by 8/10% instead of reducing its cooldown. The above changes were originally meant to be season specific, but because of a few technical limitations we'll be needing to roll this out on live servers first, which will give us a first hand look to see what these changes will look like. The intent of these changes is to create a more dynamic PvP experience where players aren't constantly spamming their gap closers and gap creators. This should make players have to consider first whether or not it is the best time to close or open a gap. We will closely monitor these changes on live and be looking for your feedback to see how these all play out in our meta. Wild Quiver will now deal 80% damage to players. Lightning Shield will now deal 90% damage to players. Improved Thunderclap RE now increases Thunderclap damage by 6%, from 10%. Empowered Imp now increases Imp damage by 6/7/8%, from 11/13/15. Searing Light now increase the damage of Smite, Holy Fire, Penance, Exorcism, and Holy Nova by 2/3/4%, from 3/4/5%. Booming Thunder now increase Earth Shock damage to player by 6% per stack, from 11%. The above changes are all done to reduce some of the highest damage and burst cases in PvP and are all changes we've made based on feedback and data gathered from players in PvP. We have additional changes coming to live servers beyond what was mentioned above. A large list of changes we'll be making is adjusting the ranks of many different random enchants. You can find a full list of changes on our changelong once the patch is live. Tomorrow, when season 2 goes live, we will have another update of even more balance changes for you to view and give feedback on. As always, thank you for your time heroes. Best of luck to everyone on Season 2!
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    Do you not run 2x PWS in 25? The damage isn't really turned up that much in 25, you add 2-3 healers to cover the extra 15 players and everything is pretty much the same in my experience. We really have not had any issues in 25 with damage being higher. Blart or Sky could comment more since they heal for our group but as far as ignoring damage with PWS, I suppose that yes, if you don't have a 2nd PWS healer than 25 will be a lot harder. But that comes down to raid composition, not the raid itself.
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    Before this season kicks off I just wanted to give a big shout out to the staff on this project: THANKS TO THE STAFF BOTH PAST AND PRESENT WHO MADE THIS PROJECT POSSIBLE!! You the real MVPs, no joke. Although ever changing, this server/community is too and that is what makes it exciting for me. Sure finding a meta is great for some flexing but the real fun in this whole endeavor for me has been the flexibility that your classless system allows over time. There have been a lot of "diamonds in the rough" over the years. That is what keeps me coming back, personally. I'm not big on balance, I think that shit is a myth created by the spawn of a participation trophy generation with the sole purpose of tormenting developers and putting strain on player-staff relationships. There is always gonna be a bigger fish out there and it is especially interesting when they come in with a new style that impacts play on the realm, that is awesome to be able to do as a player and I think a lot of us can respect that, even if we aren't the ones doing it. I would advise a case by case basis for nerfing builds though, if your're doin something different and its working, you shouldn't be penalized for it unless it is warranted ie: you never die and win every battle you encounter even 5v1. A build like that is perhaps too OP and should be nerfed (but not if you're the only one (thinkin old school Kathh here lol) and obviously put in a lot of work to get the build to that level: RE and GEAR in that case I would let them shine until it got to a point where everyone was the exact same build. Even if this new build dominated the pvp scene at least give it one balance patch to other skills to attempt to counter. If the new meta spec is so powerful it eliminates other builds, that is bad for the server but if it causes change that has a impact on the style of play on the realm, I tend to think that was a good addition to the server). If you're a character like lets say Beastly from LS when he first joined up and made the bear build that defined druid pvp, or even Bavne and the new TG standard he brought with him to sargeras, sure they were able to defeat a lot of players, even the good ones but they were not invincible, you just had to plan around a build. In any other activity, the act of planning and preparing for your opponent is rewarded with respect. It is rewarded here, but mainly by the player population. Outside of a few select instances and I do mean a few like 3-4 tops (I can actually only think of one), players who excel and surpass others are more likely to experience a punishment rather than a acknowledgment of their efforts. I'm not saying put the nerf bat down (we all know there are legitimate reasons to use it) but I am saying that if you have these staff members involved and also actively observing the PvP scene use that opportunity to create and foster power rather than immediately destroying it. This is a tough one, no doubts there. To be honest, outside of balancing (or trying to) the meta melee, range and tank/heals, there might not really be a lot you can do. The cream is always gonna rise to the top. I am of the opinion that boosting other abilities and older era metas to create a sense of competition among the pvp population might be more in line with the classless experience and foundation of this server than the standard approach of nerfing until "it" goes away. People do not come here to play wow on a standard wow private server, they come here to try something different and I believe that is your greatest strength as a project. Dare to dream. The theorycraft is a dream come true for veterans or a complete nightmare for the un-immersed (a solution here might be mmr adjusted respec costs), I appreciate the explanations behind each decision made because it provides us with a window behind the scenes. You"re actively watching some BGs here and there when your're online as a GM? That is great. We need more of that even, maybe make it known on occasion? I can see people trying extra hard if there is a GM present, weather they love or hate you as GMs, regardless, people react differently when they know they are being watched. This could be huge for exposing some of the builds that actually need nerfs while simultaneously creating a scenario where the actual decision makers are on the field while the game is in session. To clarify, I'm not calling for a end to nerfs or anything like that, as a matter of fact I'm not calling for anything really, maybe a few more minutes of philosophic thought about gaming and community before making some hard decisions. I do not have all the answers. But I do have lot of experience with MMOs like a lot of the people and player types that end up on a realm like this one. I'm in it for the conversation about mmo pvp and this new thing we're doin here on Project Ascension. What I would advocate for as a invested player would be less time spent on balancing and more time spent on custom content and events that make the world of warcraft different from the one we all remember. I understand that balancing must be addressed and I would like to take a minute to acknowledge the monumental and imo unrealistic goal ahead of you as members of the balance team. You guys are doin that hard work that no one mentions but all surely enjoy. I know I do, I would just like to express that appreciation for it. It took blizzard teams of employed and dedicated staff as well as more than a decade of time to get wow to where it is and there still isn't any real balance because that's just the nature of reality and the fantasies constructed within it. Equality is a myth, but equal treatment is possible, I hope going forward we can give what set this server apart from the rest some equal treatment and lay off the never ending and impossible quest of "balancing". (Worst case scenario, just load up different meta patches and rotate them on seasons. Melee is strong this round but next round it will be a range party. Maybe in those extremes we can find that middle ground?) The thing about the middle ground though is that it is only possible with extremes. You need flavor in this life even if it takes the form of a one shot judgement build, a above average ambusher, a RE dependent but incredibly fun fire caster, a unkillable by melee thorn tank, a god mode healer, a titans grip hero who also heals, a stealth petless hunter who will kill you with arcane dmg, the pet only BEASTIAL WRATH LOL hunter, THE DARKEST AND DIRTIEST WARLOCK and his bitch ass 2k per hit dmg demon, or the no cooldown frost shock dominatrix, you see the trend here, diversity being rewarded by the creation of multiple viable meta (sometimes not meta but competitive) classes. All of these classes and more appeared on ascension and sometimes vanished in a patch or patches. For what? so that some new skin in the game can live another few seconds before nature and instinct decide their fate for them? Bottom line, I really appreciate the server even if I don't play as much as I used to, I still donate to the cause because it's something I would support in real life. If some random people in my town just up and created a platform for us all to interact on and enjoy I would buy them a beer. If they are my friend and we haven't hung out in a while and I roll up on em slummin it and seeming to be in a bit of a slump i'm gonna say: Bro wtf? But then, I'm gonna try to help them. Thanks again and good luck with testing the new changes in Season 2! I'll be there, trying to champion for the people but more likely I'll be shaking down plebs who want to ride my zeppelin for free. God bless Crow P.S. How much work actually goes into the creative process? I would be interested in volunteering time to the server at a creative capacity for the pvp community. Is there a position like that? Consultant or something? Maybe a council, I think a group of players new and old could help with a number of issues the server currently faces. We just need those types to know that something like that is available if it is. The major barrier for me has always been a complete lack of knowledge of coding, I might have a good idea here and there like Crow's Cache but how to go about implementing it and something as simple as a workload cost/benefit analysis is beyond anything I have experience with in the realm beyond just playing the game. (Respond in DM to this one if there is actually a possibility of becoming a ambassador or representative to the player population. I know there are a few out there who would be great at that job. )
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    I honestly don't know how you can think that 25 is harder than 10. 25 you have so much room to bring in people who are Fresh 60s, undergeared, with suboptimal specs and still clear the content. You do not have the room to do that on 10. The ONLY boss that is harder in 25 is Cthun. Everything else is a cakewalk in 25 even with carrying people. You should be fully aware of this Gank. Lost chapter blew through 25 with raiders that are undergeared for AQ. You even have raiders that don't even have enchants on their gear. You cant tell me that 25 is harder than 10. When you are completely able to carry half the raid in 25. Try carrying half a raid in 10. Or maybe the reason you think 25 is harder than 10 is because you are carrying half a raid of people, while in 10 you have a full roster competent raiders?
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    What is funny is that you are salty that we are asking for a improved 10 man experience. You can also say that 25 man is easier than 40 man, but it does not really matter in the end if 10 man feels clonky, RNG based etc. 1 player on 10 man can get mind controlled 6 times in a row on skeram, and he does burn your mana as quick as on 25 man. So what do you do when you don't have 1 healer for 2 mins? it¨'s kinda frustrating wiping to such mechanics
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    Asked a while back, but going to ask again. Not long ago you said that shadow and flame will get the same love as LB casters got, reducing the 5 tp cost down to 3 tp. When will this happen? Was hoping this patch would be it. ☺
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    We sometimes joke that Dev's do custom mechanics that force us to use spells that we dont normally have so we need to grind more gold/buy scrolls. We are waiting for the bosses in Nax that need mend pet, far sight and water walking to be able to beat them.
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    So pvp changes is balancing based on pvp? What else than pvp would they balance pvp balancing then? I don't quite understand what you are trying to say man. how is nerfing builds that are too strong never going to do it? Do you rather play in a stale meta where it's only 3 builds played for months and months where nothing ever changes? whats your point? But i agree on the topic of equal matchmaking and premades being the biggest Issue. But that doesn't mean they shouldn't try to balance overperforming builds still. And as much as you and renamed like to believe so. Judging from what he said on the last few developer updates and what actually went down after the update hit the servers he was more wrong than he was right. So i highly doubt he knows ascension better with such a track record. The last few updates alone improved on so many things. They brought Holy builds into viability. Nerfed judgement builds oneshotting everyone. Made arcane casters viable. Made frost casters viable. Made single 2handed offensive builds viable. Nerfed the ever overperforming agility selfheal TG build. Created a 2h tanking style out of the blue. Made ambush/backstab builds more viable. And thats just a few things i remember from the top of my head right now. Every patch we have a more diverse PVP meta than we ever had before. I really don't know how you can complain about diversity.
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    I think the Thunder Clap RE nerf is unneeded and quite heavy handed. As a 2H tank I kinda need that damage to build threat, and honestly it's one of the only real ways to get threat or deal damage as a 2H tank in the AoE space.
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    I'm ready for a challenge
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    Hi, i'm Wazed. I always wanted to make one of these even though I've been playing for a little over a year on here, so here I am. I roll on Andorhal and I prefer to play caster, so I apologize in advance to all the LS players that have no idea who I am. I don't think anyone that has known me on here knows me for anything besides playing a lightning build, although i'm sure there are still a couple people out there remember me throwing out some scorches from my first beta toon. I really only enjoy pvp and have twinked in the 19s/20s bracket on retail between cataclysm and wod where I played disc priest/ret pally (Wazed/Wazy). I guess since I've been here for a while its not so much as an introduction, but more like a bit of a round-up. Like most of Andorhal I started in Deeprun Raiders when the server first launched, and since then made a lot of friends that I've followed throughout multiple guilds and have been on both Horde and Alliance. I have around 40k hks and I enjoyed every one of them. I'm grateful for the friends I've made and the experiences i've had on this server. That being said, I am taking a bit of a break and it is this reason that I am now writing this introduction. I find myself only logging on for CTA and fighting against the same people. I like the small top-end community that Ascension has always had, although it can get a little demoralizing long-term when it comes to getting kills, winning games, and having an overall fun experience knowing that its all about who gets on what team during certain login hours. It's just more of a personal preference at this point, and I believe that overall the dev team has done a very good job managing the server in the time that I've played. I might log in every once in a while, maybe check out the seasonal server soon or play a bit when tbc is released, but as of right now im kinda done with the weekend logging. Just wanted to say that I've had a fun time on the server while I've played, and I'm grateful for the friends I've made along the way.
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    The LS fanboys that don't play LS would vote it down.
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    As a small addition to the redesign I proposed, one of the benefits of limiting a character to 3 talent trees is that it frees up design space to make each talent tree special. As it is, adding new tools or spells to the game is often a disaster to game balance as it is difficult to control all the different interactions that spell has with all other spells or talents.
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    Well I can think of a couple potential ways to help resolve the issue but not unbalance the game too much. For starters, faction guards are a pivotal tool in keeping world pvp in check in certain areas. If you are turning in a quest, the last thing you want is someone killing that person or you just as you are about to turn it in. Guards keep enemy players in check. The stronger the guards, the more players are needed to attack an area. If a single person decides to invade a town it will be a lot harder for that person to cause trouble if the guards can wipe that person out as soon as they try to cause trouble. Another idea is what I like to call the seesaw buff. The game can automatically determine how many people are on a realm and if the imbalance is great enough they will give a slight buff to the side with less of a population. Say for example, alliance has 50 people on while the horde has 10. The horde will get a small buff that increases xp/rep gains by 10%. This buff will change incrementally based on how imbalanced it is. Those who see this imbalance will want to come over to the horde side thus slowly decreasing the buff until the population is more evenly balanced. It will not be seriously game breaking cause no damage is being done to the alliance. There are just a smaller group of horde players getting faster to max level. The alliance may have more people there but the horde is gonna be able to get to max level a little faster thanks to the buff.
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    I remember the days when people on world try to tell me 10 man was harder then 25 man.

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