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    Hey guys, I just want to ask, whatever happened to the promised "build your own unique character." Have you guys forgotten about that? You said Project Ascension was about choosing YOUR own favourite skills, not the exact same skills as everyone else, and you even advertise this in the beginning of EVERY single YouTube video and trailer you post, this will be dead. Are you going to remove this trailer now? Or perhaps better yet, change it to "COPY THE BEST SPEC OF THE WEEK", "CLAIM IT AS YOUR OWN", "SAY YOU MADE IT BUT EVERY SINGLE OTHER PERSON IS USING IT TOO!" I can understand the reasoning, well I can try to, I imagine it's in terms of player retention, so they have actual functioning builds. But why can't you just make actually useful PvP builds like you did with the PvE ones? I've said myself that I would be happy to share my own builds for you to use to give to new players, but I was greeted with little interest, and was told that I would have to make them myself and put in the effort myself before they were even considered... I cannot tell you not to implement this change, but I can ask on behalf of the playerbase, no one wants this change, not even the new players. How long do you think they will enjoy playing the specialisation they stole but didn't actually want to play? How long do you think people can keep copying and pasting until the gameplay becomes stale? I'm asking as a long-term player of Ascension, and on behalf of my own guild and countless other players, please reconsider removing the one thing that makes your server unique. Edit: some of the most fun I've had is sitting in a call for 3 hours with two friends theory crafting the most ridiculous but good build ever, and that ability has been taken away from me, by the fact someone can come along, inspect me and take all that work.
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    just gonna leave this small guildchat extract here ... too lazy to rewrite it and it sums up what i think about it, roughly
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    You mean the multiple hybrid archetypes that were nerfed so badly that almost all of the hybrids either quit or swapped specs? Man you really need to stop getting baited into making dumb comments like that @Mikkiller93, it takes away from the valid points you actually have lol. I dunno, an increased health pool might do PvP some good, you've gotta remember most players are doing low-to-mid end WOTLK level DPS currently, but with the HP pools of a vanilla player. Just some food for thought. RIP Haathun This is a joke, right? Prayer is still one of the stronger healing specs, not sure where you got this from o_O I mean you're right, players progressing through content to get more powerful, only to be brought back down has made a LOT of people quit. It's frustrating, infuriating even. I feel like balance packs should be a bit more of a mix of both buffs AND nerfs, rather than buffs OR nerfs. As it often seems like you just push a round of nerfs or a round of buffs @itswicky, rather than a round of balance changes. Some more food for thought I suppose. I would like to end with this though. Even though there was mass panic when the seasonal changes were announced, most people were not affected as badly as they thought they would be. THAT BEING SAID, some specs are absolutely still in the gutter and I would like to hear what you are gonna do for those players and the archetypes they love to play @itswicky
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    That's kind of a terrible metaphor, because build copying is what happens at a job. That job wants you to be as efficient and effective as possible, so as a new employee (player) they are going to take the method they worked out to be the best that the older coworker is using, and tell you to use that. They're not going to throw you in and say "figure it out and if you don't you're fired". That's a way to burn through employees super fast. They want a body in the chair that can follow instructions and copy what they know to be best. And if you figure out a more efficient way to do something, you better share it with your coworkers to improve the entire job.
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    I couldn't have said better than SirGank, DisplayName, Peel2g, Tekkies, Ashsj1992 and nasmi how I feel about the upcoming changes to builds display. I might be playing on Ascension only since last saturday, but I managed to do a build that fits perfect to me by theoricrafting, experimenting spells and mechanics and doing quite a lot of resets. Now. I know some players don't find this change disturbing at all, some are doing great with it because they wish to have the same build as the top players. But others, like us in this topic disagree with that because we want to keep the infiinite creativity that Ascension system offers, and the unique personal playstyle it gives. In my opinion, if you are a player and want to improve your character's efficiency or fun, you just open the Ascension spellbook and talent trees, take a paper sheet and a calculator and you just read the hundred tooltips and try to find the perfect combination of spells depending on what YOU WANT to do not what OTHERS do. As for me, I have two-three sheets of paper full of notes, percentages, and various numbers and even notes about spell effectiveness in special in-game cases. If you still want to apply those horrible changes, please, at least allow people to hide their build (do a "Show/hide talents" option in-game just like you show/hide your helmet)...but anyway, you only need a couple of players running around with an overpowered build and showing it and that's it, just like a disease it will spread around between players and the only way you'ill be able to counter anything against those builds will be having the same or another broken one. 3-4 main builds will be dominating all the other ones and you won't be considered as viable unless you have one of those builds. You are going to kill the server.
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    I personally think this might be the final nail in the coffin for me, these past few months the dev's have showed very little care for many topics of late, now they decide to go against what as one of the core aspects of the server to have a unique build. Now instead of players saying "O shit it's (player name)" it's now "O shit it's a (Build name)" you've completely removed any kind of recognition that a player can get if they make a unique and powerful build, not only that but it's a spit in the face for all players who's poured thousands of hours into your sever (I've got over 100 days player with my main and alts combined, not to mention ptr time). You have actually made more like retail now where instead of people trying builds out for them selves they're just going to find someone who does a ton of damage and copy their spec. You say this is for player retention but honestly these changes you've made sense starting late November of last year has caused more players to leave then any gain. You hide behind bloodscalp saying it's doing fine but ignore that fact that many of the guilds that have been here sense day one or close to it are either gone or are close to it. yet you just keep ignoring it, not even giving us an answer on the forums. Maybe you'll wake up when ascension ends up having to have all the players join one guild just to do 10 mans and 25 mans. TLDR: You're actually killing creativity with these changes and causing long term players to leave.
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    Ascension is the only game I have been playing for the last 2 years, it had its ups and downs, but I never stopped playing. Last winter when like more or less 10 People were on max? still playing every day Nerfing builds/REs and setting my Progress to 0? No Problem, I'll find some new build But THIS is a change I just cant cope with. Not only does that fuck over every one who likes to theorycraft, imo its also a really bad idea for new players. What happend to "we are not making respecs free or cheaper so people invest time and effort in their builds to improve them. Othervise they are going to test some build and just respec if its not good" ??? Whats better? If u give a hungry man a fish to eat, or if u teach him how to fish? Every day people ask me about builds and I help them and get them on the right track, they understand the rota, why certain talents are needed and why certain things work better than others. Eventually they will improve and get their own flavor to the build and get attached to ther chars/builds. On the other hand we have a fresh new 60 that sees a crazy geared Player, copies their spec without knowing the background of the spec. Maybe its a non gear/non RE/non-Rota dependant spec and it could work, but most of the times he will be massively disapointed. I know that ascension can be difficult for new players, i personally brought many friends here and had to explain them a lot of the stuff from the server, but giving them a spreadsheet for the best specs in game isnt the right way imo. Im spending at least 75% of my gold and time in Ascension for respecs and theroycrafting, cause I like to find non meta vaible builds. Why should I continue doing so if you take away the main selling point of the server: creating an unique individual character? I know not everyone thinks that way, some people just wanne nuke others in bg and have fun, that fine too, these players can BUY builds if they dont feel like putting effort in creating a build. And FYI I have never ever refused to help some new player with their builds when they asked me and neither have I ever charged gold for any of this help or spec I shared. But at the end oft he day it was MY decision to share the build and how much of the build I wannted to share. All in all I can say if this will be implemented, and there is no way to avoid people seeing your main spec (e.g. they can only see current spec) I will 100% leave the server. And even if u can hide your main spec, that means I wont ever be joining pugs or dung browser outside of the guild. Not because my build is extreamly good or precious, but beacuse its MY build that i put effort and time into. Anybody want that build or at least some hints? Have the decency to ask me, and not rightclick my profile pic to get the same results I did after spending 1000s of gold and hours of time.
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    I’ve played on and off for a year and my homescreen is full of notes with build links, stat calculations and potential REs. I’ve spent hours theorycrafting my own builds knowing that they are unique. Now that will be gone. You could’ve released core talents and spells for meta builds, but this, this is unacceptable. I gladly share my build, discuss, help and theorycraft with anyone asking about my build but that doesn’t mean I want people to inspect and copy my build. I want the social aspect of asking someone. I also respect people that doesn’t share their build when I ask them to. I’ve asked people and even if they didn’t share their exact build they still helped me develop something similair. Alot of them still shared info about what is better and what is worse, I loved that. Asking is easy to do and a social aspect unique for Ascension. A build that you made yourself is yours and the choice to share it should be yours. Don’t ruin this.
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    Hey there heroes! I'm back on the forums today to let you know what's been going on in the dev team and what our plans are moving forward! If you happened to catch the stream today, then there likely isn't any new information for you here, but for everyone else, I'm glad to be writing to you again and I hope you will be pleased to hear what we've been up to. So first thing's first is to talk about what we've been hard at work on. Naxx development is still going strong! I don't have any specifics for you just yet, but we hope to have some content available to you guys for testing in the near future. The balance team has been hard at work monitoring the state of PvP and keeping up with the gaps that were created by the new 3 stack limit for random enchants. We've noticed spell power being a very strong option in PvP at the moment, whether for damage, sustain, or even playing tanky it has become apparent that casters and spell power tanks have become prominent in the meta. We'll be looking to make adjustments to sustain in PvP and looking to tone back how resilient tanks can be in PvP. Our other major objective is looking to see what new REs we can create and design in order to fill out some gaps in the new random enchant system and also use this as a way to potentially bring some power to builds which are lacking options when it comes to enchants. Now I want to talk a little bit about our plans and goals moving forward. I can confidently say our primary objective at the moment is to tackle many outstanding issue on the bug tracker and improve the game at its core. We'll be looking to tackle some major and long standing bugs, including the way auras work on and pet behaviors on Ascension. We can't promise we'll be able to fix everything, but in the coming weeks we'll be looking to do as much as we are able to do, so keep an eye out on the changelog! Other than that we are continuing to move forward with work on Naxxramas and the balance team will be continuing to monitor the meta to see what changes need to be made. Lastly I wanted to briefly update you guys on some of the things I'll be working on personally. I will be moving a bit of my time currently spent on balance work over to having more interaction with the community through the forums, in game, on stream, and in discord. I will also be starting to help prioritize the team and making sure we are all working as effectively and efficiently as possible. It will take a little time to complete the transition, but I'm both excited and looking forward to the changes to come. I'm hoping that I will be able to provide a strong direction for the team and that we will be able to provide a better quality experience because of it. Thanks so much for coming out to the forums and don't forget to leave a comment if you have anything you'd like to share with us! ❤️
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    Okay, off the top of my head here are 10 nerfs from that period I wouldn't call minor: (Please note: I am not saying that these nerfs weren't good for balance, I'm just saying they were big nerfs) 1. Melee (agi/sheath of light) sustain is completely dead 2. 2h judgement burst specs are dead 3. Deadly brew 20y range basically killed hunters in PvP. Explo shot not proccing poisons was the final nail in the coffin. 4. TG has been incredibly nerfed 5. Ambush specs are nearly completely gone 6. Hunter pets have been gutted 7. Metamorphosis/felguard has been obliterated 8. Arcane Barrage was killed 9. Prayer of Healing is dead 10. Polymorph and Fear share DRs That's ten major nerfs. If you can list even five simiarly major buffs, I will eat my hat. To help you get started, I can think of: Melee hunters and 2h arms. Both of those specs were in their prime comparable to the ones I listed. ... but they have subsequently been nerfed pretty heavily and aren't dominant anymore. I guess that makes 12 major nerfs, and 2 buffs. Do you still stand by the statement that nerfs and buffs were pretty balanced? Help me understand.
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    We are reading every single post and thread, often more than once. In this case, this wasn't a feature we planned for any imminent patch. It was just discovered as a remnant on the PTR and caused a lot of commotion. A few developers/team members spoke out-of-turn and caused the commotion. That was definitely our gameplan with all the mystic changes to speed things along. We're looking at orb rates exponentially higher for players now than a couple months ago. We do not currently have any plans to release build inspect. It wasn't even a finished system when it debuted on PTR. It has a feature to prevent your build from displaying to other players in its current revision. Per current revision, you will be able to choose. edit: We'll also be open up some new modes of communication soon to prevent something like this from happening in the future, more on that in the next few days.
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    The Contributor's Corner can be read by everyone, but only users with 50 or more Reputation may post new topics or reply. Users can earn Reputation by posting high quality and valuable topics or replies. We hold Contributors to a higher standard while interacting in this section of the forums. Topics and replies should be well thought out, constructive, on-topic, and free from personal attacks or negativity. Contributors who do not live up to their name-sake will be lose their Contributor title after one warning.
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    RIP Rogerdown and Haathun! Core Raiders of OAK. They will be missed. Can we get an F in chat in memory of our fallen brothers.
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    My opinion is that build creation is one of the key aspects of ascension. For me, the journey on creating, testing and understanding builds is as much fun as actually playing them in PvP or PvE. Introducing a feature to inspect builds will ultimately damage one of the main reasons people play here. Giving players the opportunity to take shortcuts for instant gratification is usually a poor sustainable business model. I would like to suggest an alternative to inspecting builds. What about posting a weekly or monthly top 10 chosen abilities/talents/RE's instead of allowing players to inspect builds. You could even categorize them by type of class (for example: spellcaster, melee etc). This way you can point in the right direction and inspire players to create their own build, while not hurting the build creation experience.
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    Even if this build inspection does not go live That it has even been considered is enough to consider quitting the server for good. The idea of it being put forward is damaging enough let alone if it actually goes live. This incompetence leaves serious doubt for future decisions and idea's and nothing has even happened yet.
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    It's alpha, it's a test, currently you can 3man the raid content as it isn't tuned or re-scripted for Ascension. The extremely obvious answer to this is no, characters won't transfer, as you'll have a huge advantage over live players given that you could do all the raids like this.
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    My experience with WPvP games has led me to believe that a strong crafting economy is central to the development of quality player-driven content. Are there any plans to develop out vanilla WoW's crafting system to help drive PvP interaction? My opinion on this isn't fully formed, but in general I've found crafting to be a strong driver for WPvP, especially in games that allow more customization and specification. Ascension is its own animal, though, and I think that WoW's baseline crafting system is less than ideal for getting the result I've seen elsewhere. Please note that all the crafting I'm referring here is regarding low to medium quality gear. I'm not talking about BIS epics, I'm talking about a set of blues or non-BIS epics that isn't phenomenal, but can work very well if your gear and your skills are paired up correctly. Here are some of the reasons I think a stronger emphasis on crafting would be good for Ascension: Niche talent builds often require niche equipment. A crafting system allows a player to farm, but then to apply their rewards towards a specific set of equipment. For instance, with builds that require players to stack a certain stat: it can be frustrating to have to farm, sell gear, look at the AH to see what's available, and eventually settle for suboptimal gear because they couldn't find an obscure BIS piece that best emphasizes the strengths of their skill/talent builds. With a crafting system players would be able to build new sets of gear to compliment each gear. This, in turn, makes gear more expendable. If farming could give you a guaranteed set of blues for exactly the stats you want, you're less worried about losing it. You know you can get it back. It allows playfields to be tailored to certain gear tiers. Concentrating resource faucets for specific tiers of gear in specific areas allows devs to generally control the equipment and experience of folks that congregate in those areas. For instance, someone with a full set of blues that compliments their gear won't want to go fight folks farming equipment for a fresh 60, since there's really nothing to gain. They have better gear than they'll ever find on those folks. This doesn't save anyone from griefers, but that's WPvP for you. It's part of the game. It allows guilds to develop more organized doctrines. One of Ascension's flaws right now, in my opinion, is that it's challenging for a guild to theorycraft interesting doctrines for their members and then execute them. I think there are two big solutions to this: the first is making respecs more affordable, which doesn't align with the developers goals for reasons I understand. A second way to make this type of play more feasible, though, would be to gear standardization more manageable. As it stands, if a guild leader wants to create a doctrine for WPvP, they need to make the talent/ability build, and then just trust that players will equip themselves appropriately. There's no way for them to help everyone hit certain numbers--a certain AP, a certain stamina value, a certain armor value, etc. If they could make sure that everyone in their PvP gang had a certain bare minimum set of gear, group PvP events become a whole lot easier and more affordable to plan. Here are some things that concern me: It will make a lot of gear drops obsolete. I'm not sure how to fix this. I'm worried that it will make any non-crafted low or mid-tier gear useless, and that it'll just end up hurting the economy in the end. It's a lot of work. Devs have to pick their projects, and I'm not sure that this will have enough of an impact to warrant the investment. My experience has been that WPvP tends to thrive when players use good equipment most of the time but save their best equipment for important fights, and that's what makes a system like this so effective. Ascension has proved the opposite, though--players seem to hoard gear until they have full epics before diving into WPvP. I'm not sure if this is something that will change as systems evolve, or if it's a leftover from WoW, where gear wasn't disposable, and it's just part of the playerbase. It only makes a big difference for WPvP realms. I think this is the most difficult obstacle to overcome. This system would have less benefit (though not no benefit) for low-risk realms. It shines when you're losing gear frequently, and it become just a stepping stone as soon as you hold BIS gear forever. In a high-risk realm where it's more economical to run a build at 80% efficiency knowing you can afford to replace it a dozen times, this system rocks. In low-risk, there's no reason not to run at 100% all the time. Anyway, I hope I articulated myself well here. I haven't hashed out the details, but it's the general system I've been thinking about. Thoughts?
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    I made a forum post about half a year ago imploring the balance team to stop nerfing way more than they buffed, since people generally get discouraged by having their builds nerfed and bored when there isn't anything new to explore. If you go through the changelog since then you'll find that the nerf-to-buff ratio still leans heavily in favour of nerfs. I'd guess like 85% of changes were nerfs and 15% buffs (most of them to a limited amount of archetypes, like 2h tank). Can you elaborate a bit on what you feel is a healthy balance between nerfing and buffing? Is it something you're at all concerned with?
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    PLEASE put profession trainers in booty bay for high risk realms as outlaws have no chance at learning any of these! if booty bay is counted as a main city it should really have profession trainers don't ya think?
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    Most builds aren't so complex that they can't be figured out in a few hours or hell a lot less. point is that players who've put thousands of hours making builds because they want a unique build that no one else thought of or knows how to copy/make are getting fucked hard here. now you'll see players copying that person's build and claiming it as their own with out the permission of the original builder. it's a complete dick move to take away the right of the maker to give out his build but not only that it also lessens the social aspect of build making as now people aren't going to collaborate as much as they can just easily copy builds. Also I love how it's been a few days now and the dev's haven't made a single reply to this at all. shows how often they read the forms. Still waiting on that qa/stateofascension video.
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    Since my last two posts on Andorhal forum have come true unfortunately, the one involving player retention and how the new re system will affect new players and the other about the disrespect that the Dev's have given to the community in regards to communication. I think I might as well follow it up with my prediction for the current changes that have been forced upon us in the past few days Firstly, I would like to point out is that everything you do and how you do it is judged by the general community as a whole. Yes you may have a broader strategy in mind, and believe that some changes will be good for long term strategy but how they are delivered and communicated to the community/player base is probably more important. Consider these two scenario's and decide which option you think would make the community more pleased with your changes: 1. Keeping the community up to date with your vision for each server and for its future. Release patch / change notes in advance so people can act and change. There will be some resentment/discussion, but ultimately people will have time to adapt and farm. or 2. Screw up the economy, say for two months an "Announcement is coming" Then one day, instead of announcing anything, decide to dump a load of changes on an under-prepared server without patch notes or an extensive change log, and then ignore them when they complain. ( This is what they did ) Even from a Business point of view, which is better? Anger your players or lead them to understanding your point of view. Angry and Frustrated people don't donate. The current round of changes will cause people to leave. Server's change and evolve, but I think the magic that Ascension held for lots of the long term players has been ruined by poor management and decisions. There will still be a player base, but those that play are mainly here for the community, in spite of what you throw at them. Not because they think Ascension is a good investment anymore, but because their friends still play here. That's the only thing that keeps many of us here. Slowly people will lose more and more interest and your seasonal's will lose their lure, because quite simply, you do not know how to manage the community. You have lost the respect, trust and even hope for the future of the majority of the player base and I believe its now irreparable. Again, its not because of the hair-brained decisions, or the obvious grab for cash, its how those changes were delivered and communicated. You could try to reverse this by listening to your players, but you won't. The long term players say this over and over, the management doesn't care. There used to be strawpoll's and such to see what the community wanted to introduce, none of that now. They just do what they want. The suffocating arrogance of the management will be its undoing, and the community becomes more and more tired of caring. Just another stupid decision they didn't think through... I personally don't know how you can run an organization like this. At least for me, its a lesson on how not to run a business or organization in the future, so thank you for that.
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    I believe only certain members of the staff can handle billing issues, if I'm not mistaken Head GM aka @Riko. Perhaps try and contact him on the discord channel. Goodluck!
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    Hello everyone, here's my story. When I've found about WildCard I looked through the achievements. Found ones about raiding and decided that the best way to be helpful is to try to be a healer. I created my first character, enabled WildCard and started playing. Got no healing spells by the level 23, furthermore most spells were useless: shield bash, track <something>, battle stance, lifetap. The offensive side was also kind of bad, it included spells of all types: ranged (concussive shot), dps spell (immolation), melee (both raptor strike and heroic strike), dot (curse of agony and corruption). I couldn't be anyone with such a setup, leveling was tedious and I didn't know what talents to even pick. I ended up going for Two Handed weapon enhancing talents and stat buffs. Quickly got bored after that and made a new character. This time I created a character and it got... Rejuvenation, Healing Touch, Stealth and Hunter's Mark. I couldn't believe my eyes: I just got two great healing spells! But that made me think... Was that the best combinations of starting spells for a healer or could I find a better one? So I created another character and it had bad spells, then I moved to a general goods trainer and re enabled WildCard mode. It gave me new spells, so I understood that I can roll anything, but it will cost time. I've checked all the spells that were available and decided to find best combination to start as a healer. I've decided that the best ones would be Rejuvenation and Healing Touch for a druid like build or Holy Light with Renew to later use Beacon of Light with them. I'd need some offense spells to level too and the Spell Mastery of course! So I've started to reroll starting abilities. It took me three hours to get Holy Light, Power Word: Shield, Spell Mastery and Fireball. Well, PW:S is not a renew, but I quickly made a build that can make that work. All set, let's go! Abilities that I've rolled during leveling (in the same order): Life Tap, Bloodrage, Intimidating Shout, Righteous Defense, Healing Touch, Redemption. At this point I was really happy because I could really do a healer with a ress. Then I got: Unending Breath, Searing Pain, Mind Sooth, Aspect of the Viper, Track Elementals, Ghost Wolf. Wolf was a really nice find because I didn't have enough money for a mount yet. Aspect of the Viper was really great for a healer too. Then I got: Raptor Strike, Mind Vision, Sinister Strike, Disengage, Evasion, Frost Trap. Those were some great rolls because now I had some more offense in a melee with no resource cost. At this point people started asking me "Do you actually have those spells as a WildCard?!". At this point I realized that WildCard can't learn active spells from talent trees. And that was crushing, all my plans for this interesting WildCard build were destroyed. I still can heal, but it won't be anything as effective as non WildCard healer because they heavily rely on spells from talents. Here's a meta build for a typical non WildCard healer: https://project-ascension.com/development/builds#/talentsandabilities/summary/?hash=:596:642:759:1120:1454:1953:2008:2458:2782:4987:5384:6117:6366:8143:8170:12051:19263:20484:20608:26573:29166:45438:52127:774994:361t3:404t5:413t2:1261t2:1679t1:1711t3:1722t3:1772t3:1774t1:1815t1:1846t3:1867t1:1895t3:1916t5:2060t2:2083t3:2179t5:2192t1:2195t3:2211t1: I'm going to continue leveling for now, but I will list my current feedback below. I'm gonna list the problems with the system and also my personal suggestions. 1. Rolling abilities by deactivating and reactivating WildCard mode at level 1 (or recreating a character) can help with your starting choice, but it's not fun. Let WildCard characters spend their 9 starting spell points like everyone else in the season. Lets people choose their "core" spells that will make them comfortable and won't screw a character. Level requirement to roll into WildCard mode at level 1 can then be changed to level 9. More time for players to decide if they want to do this fun mode. Spending non-spent ability points for random spells at the start should still be an option. Summing everything above. Dice can be used up to level 9 to enable WildCard mode. Enabling WildCard mode spends all of the characters UNUSED spell points to roll random spells. 2. There're no balance in getting spells for different purpose. For example, now you can get mind blast, shadowbolt, fireball and wrath at the same time. It's a flexible setup for interrupts, but in the end 3 of the 4 spells are not going to be used in pve. Also, that's not fun! Spell categorization. Add a new layer of a random. First, system rolls a category of a spell, then it rolls a spell. The more spells player already has from this category, the less the chance of it getting spell from the category. For example we have 3 categories with 10 spells each. Probability weight of each spell in the category is 1, so the weight of each category is 10 and chance of each category is 33%. Then character learns a spell and weigh of one category goes to 9 and stays as 10 for two others. This reduces chance to roll spell from first category. In the end the more spells from one category you get, the higher the chance you get a spell from another category. Once you get spells from other categories, you get a higher chance to roll a spell from this category. Weight 1 per spell is just an example, higher weights for spells (or even different ones) allow for better chance to roll different categories in a sequence. Categories can be added as follows: Offensive ranged spells (castable and instant) Offensive ranged weapon spells Offensive melee spells (mana, rage, energy dependant) Healing (instant heals, hot heals, shields) Resource regeneration and buffs (Evocation, Mana Ruby, Bloodrage) Offensive Cooldowns (Rapid Fire, Recklesness, Tiger's Fury) Defensive Cooldowns (Shield Wall, Ice Block) Utility (control spells, ress, battle ress, dispell, interrupt) 3. There're spells that are not useful at all and are not being picked at all by the community. Those are Tracking spells, Soothing Spells and some others depending on situation (I'm gonna talk about latter separately). I suggest some options: Removal of those spells from the WildCard pool. Moving those spells into a different category and giving this category a really low probability weight to begin with. Have a maximum number of those spells rolled on a character. 2-3 should be okay. 4. It's very hard to be a healer with a WildCard and almost impossible to be a tank. DPS also struggle because of some spells that have no use to them. Abilities that can be learned only at the start. Bear form, for example. There's no fun in getting a bear form at the high level because most of the spells don't work with it and you don't have spells that don't work with it. You either get Bear form at the start and have a chance to roll abilities for it or you don't have Bear form at the start and don't get any abilities for it. Same with hunter's mark or autoshoot. If you get autoshoot, you can get hunters mark later. If you get hunters mark, you get autoshoot later. But if you didn't have those at start, then you shouldn't roll them later. Cat form is different, it gives player some speed at least. Role-driven progression. If a player got 4 healing spells or a hot and casting healing spell, then give them an ally-resurrection as a next spell, they are probably going to be a healer at a cap. Same goes to aggro-generating abilities, give a taunt. 5. You can't choose spells in the talent tree and those are super important for high level pve and pvp content. I suggest some options: Let WildCard characters get new Spell Point Currency every level instead of normal one. They can spend it by rolling spells at random or buying spells in talent trees. Spells in talent trees now also cost new currency instead of normal one. Let WildCard characters spend Spell Points into a negative amount if they are learning a spell in a talent tree. Check total amount of spell points when player sends a request to the server to prevent learning extra abilities. Add spells that are learned from a talent tree to a pool of learnable spells once WildCard character is eligible for it. Sadly, this way they can't get 3 point cost spells, but combining it with a method with negative numbers it's still possible. 6. Same effect spell grouping. Probably already implemented? If you rolled an out of combat resurrection spell, then you shouldn't roll one from another class. Having hunter pets and demons are also not a great idea. Well, anyway, Ascension is a great server indeed and WildCard is a great feature. I'm willing to help with WildCard mode and it's deeper integration into the season system. If you ever need me, send me an e-mail. Regards, Alexey Slashchev Lead Game Designer at Game Insight shaler404@gmail.com
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    I hope they take a look at crafting. There are so many useless reciepes. LW, Tailoring and BS almost irrelevant unless its some specific items like enchanting rods or bags. Devs, dont afraid to revamp some reciepes and add new ones to make crafting more interesting. Id love to see cool items available only for people with that profession. Like Goblin glider for engineers. Or invisibility cloak for tailors. Or bonus reputation elixirs for alchemists.
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    i'm pretty surprised at how irrelevant crafting professions are on a server where you lose gear on death ...

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