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    just get good 4head In all seriousness, Andorhal is still a pvp realm, people enjoy PvP, if you suck at it you can't then turn around and demand the system be changed. Sorry
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    After reading the newest balance article, I feel like quitting until TBC or for a half a year at least. 1) First, players will have a global 10% reduction in all magical damage and healing while a shield is equipped. 2) While a Staff is equipped you will get a flat 6% damage and 4% healing increase and while and Off-Hand is equipped you will get a flat 4% damage and 2% healing increase. 3) This should help offset the power lost by not dual-wielding and the additional power lost from the RE slot you have to forgo with using a Staff. 1) So, I just equip a shield, anybuildever, and get a huge nerf. Best design ever. This deserves profanity. 2) Then, you want to bring up an idea, that helps going staff-only or 1h+off hand, and it is totaly contradictory to our current problems. "Casters have too much healing power, we are going to adress this" and the next balance patch will give a global aura that gives EVERY caster a healing buff. A+. We want to nerf but we will buff. You will probably say something like "don't forget - healing spells are not getting the haste bonus now - this is one of the ways to nerf caster healing". Just no. Everyone uses rejuv, riptide, earth shield. Hard-casting long heals is pretty rare. And your new design just buffed a problem we have. 3) People are going for shield in PVP because the power levels of having bis gear and RE's is way off the scale and you cant survive w/o that physical mitigation a shield provides. Until this is tested, and we have a post going through all spells individually, with current info i receive a 4.35% total heal amount nerf, and a 24.48% total HPS nerf in both pvp and pve specs. It is atm pretty much damn impossible to cast a 2 sec spell w/o getting CC'ed while dueling. I'm not talking about icy veins or some other buffs, just a regular cast. Now it will jump up to 2.5 and the player experience and timing gap for CC becomes even worse. I would much rather: 1) Go through 60 level only sets, t1,t2,t2.5,t3,pvp sets - and get rid of most spell power on those. As a start, I would divide the X of spell power stat into (0,75 X of spell damage + 0,25 X of spell power) for casters and (0,75 X of spell healing + 0,25 X of spell power) for healers. 2) To get rid of spell mastery w/o effing anything up too much just work on all spell talents, ALL, not just casters. 3) Feel like healing is a bit too high? I'm the heal that says so in our gchat when we discuss balance. Just nerf it by 10% for a season, and then adjust after it. All base amounts, scaling and so on. Dont just nerf everyone ever who equips a shield. At this point I'd much rather see the next stream a dev call in chat a 10-10 wsg and get some live experience. Get some top Exiled and Oak players in the other team, and survive vs them w/o the shield and spell mastery as a heal. Show us da wae. I keep my fingers crossed until full notes come, and there actually will be some haste for heals. And not the "spell mastery gives now 25% haste" (but it still is actually 20%) kind of haste. Until then, yours 0.75% of Hysteria.
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    I can somewhat relate to this so therefor i agree with something can be changed for the better. The events could have been designed better. Right now its to favorably for the people who camps / zerg the events . Same thing happen on LS invasions and with Crows Cache. And with alliance population to me looks like mostly new players i have no doubt that invasion events on Andorhal turns into a one way Slaughterfest for the horde. There got to be a way which can provide content and reward for both sides while still have somewhat active pvp. Tryant
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    Two funny points here, every invasion I've been to where there was pvp action has been more alliance players than horde, however alliance players are dumb, they engage in PvP and then ignore healers, try and zerg tanks and forget how pvp works. Leading in to my second point, people who don't play a lot and clearly lack skill then going to the forums and complaining about players who play a lot and have at least some form of skill is like a Silver 1 player in CSGO complaining that the game is broken because a Global Elite player stomps them. Stop complaining, start getting gud 4head. "The Horde" as you like to collectivise us, didn't get this gear by complaining on the forums. Imagine all the invasions you could've taken part in if you'd spent less time writing this and more time playing. Edit: Clarification of the first sentence
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    Anub'rekhan Using blink will put you bellow the world. Its not possible to use charge, no path. Adds walk through/into walls, becoming impossible to target (LoS) while they continue to cast.
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    Instead of just saying no, come up with an idéa to make it enjoyable for both sides and not just horde.
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    Hey guys! This thread is to gather feedback and ideas about balance changes that the community wants to see on live realms. Express any ideas, thoughts, concerns, or points of view on the patch here, and be as concise and articulate as possible. The goal here is to pinpoint particular, specific issues and develop solutions for them--addressing individual changes, spells, and potential tweaks will be ideal. Please upvote changes that you think would be ideal--especially ones that are well thought out. We're working on putting together a poll system in-game that will better track the community's opinions and desires. Post away!
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    Removing spell mastery right now is a way of making sure that the only healing spells used in PVP are instant casts. It's 25% haste for fuck sake, and hardcasting is already suffering with the amount of CC, interrupts and silences available. And we lost 6% haste last patch aswell. Actually insane how something like this could go through right now. I mean even for PVE Creatures and bosses in dungeons and raids now deal 20% less damage. Removing spell mastery leaves the healers more open to everything, the changes makes it so we have less reactive healing, less mobility, become more vulnerable to interrupts, knockdowns or any form of CC. And this is along with the staff + offhand things are supposed to bandaid it? They don't help out with the problem that arises, just provides more overhealing%. All of this also applies to PVP. Not to mention you're really shooting yourself in the foot here when it comes to Naxx, I'd assume you'd want it to be the "raid" in vanilla. But at the pace we're going i have half the healing output i had in BWL. And slowing the pace of Naxx down aint really what should be needed here, the very opposite should be the case. It should be hectic & difficult. This is really the type of thing you change with an expansion, not just before a new end-game raid tier.
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    Hi ascendants! Was thinking of a nice personal challenge and remembered the guy who leveled only with gathering professions so I did that It's kinda calming but you need tons of patience and run from everything (freezing trap, blind, stealth,feign death and vanish help) This was done on Laughing Skull and you also can make love not Warcraft.
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    Spellpower Dk-s were a thing till patch 3.2 what happened beyond is unknown to me, they just stopped working, but it was like 3 spells death and decay and I believe death coil and corpse explosion? The scaling was way over 1x spellpower so it was more so a unsuspecting cheese tactic, you don't expect death and decay to hit you that hard the moment its placed, now imagine being rooted on spot whilst a warlock is using hellfire on you. Not exactly abusable anywhere outside (here at least) Stealthy ambushes or unsuspecting deathknight casters on bgs picking off squishy targets that would die anyways. With the topic on hand though, Ima have to say that releasing the deathknight kit in any way, shape or form on ascension would have to be severely regulated with hefty nerfs. (And I mean literaly so nerfed that the spells are down into the ground and unpickable). 1. With the adition of a new resource (Runes and runic power) you have potentialy one of the most broken meele metas in existence, powerfull hitting abilities that scale of attack power and asides dealing extra effects cost little to no resource to maintain. Icy touch and plaguestrike being the main culprit of this. So refresh of runes would have to be regulated since you get 6 at your disposal to use for a variety of effects and spells. Now imagine a strength caster (Famous muscle mages) suddenly hitting icy touch on you that hits stronger than a beefed up holy fire,pyroblast or shadowbolt. 2. Deathstrike and rune tap/vampiric blood... yeah, you think blood thirst was annoying with its % based healing, try these three spells in combination for a change, not costing anything bar a blood rune and an unholy rune. Chaining these three together in clutch as a cooldown whilst the enemy is diseased can be pretty annoying to deal with, even with anti healing measures, the sustain is just ridiculous the more hp the target has. 3. An extra pet, you'd think that having an additional pet class isn't as bad till you realize that a ghoul pet when glyphed/talented benefits double off the dk-s stats compared to any pet scaling in game. You can check it in any client revision of wotlk, ghouls have more strength than the deathknight in question at all times. Now imagine here where you stack mod atop of mod and eventualy somehow get a few hunter pet specific talents work for you as well. 4. Icebound fortitude, asides granting Dr based on your defense rating (partialy static when glyphed) it doesn't let you to get stunned. Yes an anti stun mechanic atop of increased DR, one of them has to go for this spell to work with a classless clusterfuck such as Ascension. 5. Threat of thassarian talent and TG interraction, picture a meele attack doing magical damage, now picture a spell that does weapon damage, in magical but with both weapons. Whirlwind pre nerf flashbacks anyone? 6. Literaly every defensive spell/talent dks have anti-magic shell, anti magic-zone, unbreakable armor,spell deflection,acclimation.. The list goes on. 7. The pressences passively themselves whilst required if you play a pure deathknight, in a classless enviroment could cause weird glitchy unintended behavior (gcd from unholy pressence for instance or raw armor increase from frost pressence that would work with shields too+ passive DR) Just thinking bout it makes it repulsive and gag inducing, there is so much stuff that would outright need to get reworked completely just so its not a empty talent slot, some removed and some just nerfed in terms of scaling and what nots. That is all under the asumption we will ever hit wotlk to get these spells going, cause in the state they are they are in no way acclimated to be used in an TBC or Vanilla era of base ability damage and gear scaling.
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    I don't understand why almost every, if not every, casted damaging spell received a shorter base cast time and/or damage increase to compensate for the spell mastery removal but healing spells received zero changes.
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    Good evening, I am healer main and i would try bring up an issue that i've been seeing lately. To start with, removing spell mastery and not conpensating poh (prayer of healing) and chain heal makes them not as viable picks for raiding as hots or pws (power word: shield). I get that the 20% nerf in raids was the conpensation but that doesn't excuse the problem that it makes both of the mention specs not as viable in pve. It's clunky as heck and unfun to play standing there every 2 seconds doing absolutely nothing and then getting interupted by a stun and continue to stand there just to start the cast all over again. By removing SM, it only damages casting types of healing and making the gap between instant cast and castable heals ever so much wider as the instant cast heals are not as much affected only with gcd (global cooldown). This way it more favors of going into instant cast healing mainly hots/pws and leaving all the other builds in the dirt. I get the idea that heals are Op but would it hurt to add any other haste talents besides (gift of the earthmother) and (Enlightenment) to not mainly go into healing increases but haste increases that way you will reduce healing numbers (which fixes the problem of heals being ginormous by vanilla standings) of the specs but keep the fun aspect of casting as you need more points into haste ? This way in my opinion will make the core healers happy while at the same time balancing it out + it will make chain heal/poh/healing wave/holy light builds more fun to play. Other concern of mine is that we will only see 2 types of meta healers in naxxramas hots and pws as I've said they do not deal with spell mastery being removed. I would not like this to happen as it hurts the game and makes healing even more boring then it should be ( to those that like the casting aspect of healing specs). Overall, I would like to see a some conpensation to castable healing spells as it would be new re's (random enchants) or maybe getting a new haste talent or anything of those sorts of things, works but be aware that just nerfing hots and pws to be incline with the other healing builds WILL NOT FIX THE PROBLEM at hand. Which is that castable heals are boring and unrewarding to play at the state they are in. Thank you for reading.
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    Dear Devs, I believe all community members would like to receive some feedback in return. Did you like any of proposed ideas, do you agree with our statements regarding recent design? What's your opinion on the current state of pvp after the balance notes? What do you think of the massive community haste nerf disapproval? I, personally, would like to hear your opinion on these subjects.
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    Making stealth have a duration of any kind breaks the entire feel and fantasy of playing rogue. Period. I love how jandice over here is going around "testing" stuff to proof a point about stealth being right the way it is now. It isn't and no amount of "testing" on your part can proof anything otherwise. Can you imagine what would happen if blizzard would apply this to their live servers? This change makes it seem like stealth was overpowered before, which it wasn't in any way. If anything the ability to use stealth was more of a gimp on the rogue's part. Yes, you can sneak around indefinitely. Yes, you can stalk prey and open when you feel the time is right. But what is the trade off here? OH right it's around 8/10 TE's, out of the 52 available? Players that didn't use stealth already had an advantage on any rogue simply because of the investment having to be made. The devs made a terrible choice here, and it saddens me deeply. Loved this server to death.
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    So when is this fuckup with stealth being fixed? 10s is way too long, it breaks the flow stealthbuilds have entirely. It was not the right way to go. Talents like track hidden etc should have been buffed to fix the gank issues. Same goes for the haste nerf for caster, everything is clunky. These changes fixed nothing but broke everything.
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    What talents would that be? I didn't see them. I am sorry but being a rogue in PVP can have someone enter the area when you are not looking that way and you will then NOT get the chance to stealth if you are needing to wait to use for the less then a minuet they give you. The pick pock quests are about going out and skulking through the shadows to collect badges or trinkets. Yes there are even rogue only quest for this. I know most people play this game very differently then me. I don't play the game to min/max ever aspect and go forth to fight only. I honestly enjoy hanging out with my wife doing quests or with my guild mates doing whatever. When I do play alone I will do random things like run through areas trying to find new things I never seen before just to see it. I hunt for new rares I have never seen before just to see them. I am not constantly trying to kill-loot-repeat. It's fine for anyone doing it. I know that is supposed to be what I do but I enjoy all the little things in the game and finding new little things to take in. Being a rogue is fun. Pick pocketing as many as I can before the finally catch me and then trying to get away. Stalking a person in a PVP map just to sap them and watch as they pop every cool down to try and pull you out of stealth before you can sap them again! You can't do all of that even with 45 seconds.
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    Basically I'm suggesting the option to choose a role at level 40 or 50 and getting only abilities that could help that role from that point on. So lets say you REALLY want to be a healer or a specific dungeon or raid NEEDS a good tank. With this feature you could get some much needed abilities for that role even if you have garbage luck like me.
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    1- Revert the spell mastery changes, and nerf healing output instead. The talents required to regain haste close to the 25% we had crushes build variety and lowers healing even more than a 25% haste nerf and 6% healing nerf from using a shield. A change that large feels too clunky to keep healers around. Also, the longer you make healing casts the more that allows them to be interrupted and the more time you allow interrupt abilities to come off CD, which again is a nerf to healers. If im going to shadowfury to stun and cast a spell, but my cast takes too long, I will have to cancel the cast and kite, just to continue this process. It makes PvP feel less "reaction" based because you cant be a "good player" and sneak a heal in due to longer cast times. For instance, theres a 3/3 TE ability for 25% healing wave healing increase.... You guys need to look at the talents we have currently for anything thats clearly broken, like that talent. Theres NO other talent that you can get that much benefit from 3 TE. If the goal was to nerf healers, just make that a 15% max healing increase for 10% effective nerf on all HW builds. Not that HW is the meta because regrowth/rejuv is stronger in my opinion, im just pointing out that talent. 2- Dot casters running staff + shield can be fixed by applying an aura to anyone who uses a shield. "While a shield is equipped, the player will do 20% less SPELL damage". The major complaint of spell dot casters is that they have too much dmg and healing. This would reduce their damage and we could see how this plays out. Also if you didn't want to apply an aura, you could just reduce the base damage of shadow dots, either way tanky DOT casters need to go. 3- Looking at the post above me also inclines me to suggest this. 1) Make a difference between healing power and spell power as a stat, IE, healer sets have only HP and dps sets have only Spell Damage. SD will only affects damaging spells, and same for healing spells. (retail style last i checked) Adjust the values so that the HP of a healing set reflects closely the SD value of a DPS set. Further, you could introduce spell damage--> Healing power conversions to gain a little extra healing for "sustain" style caster builds (maybe a 5/5 talent for 20% of SD to HP conversion. Additionally, splitting spell power into spell damage/Healing power would also be a nerf to hybrids which are the meta "melee" build. This would make them also less sustain as SP doesn't immediately give HP. It would force them to invest into SP --> HP conversions and eat up 5TE which should inherently lower their damage output. Side note: I think this would be interesting for the market of items as well, because now there are more BIS items as SP and HP have been split, meaning more items are desirable and worth more gold 4- On a tangent from the previous point, if you're melee and not hybrid, you are at an immediate disadvantage compared to hybrid builds. Idk what exactly, but pure melees like arms needs some sort of buff to make them a viable option. 5- Don't put stealth on a CD. Despite stealth not being used 100% of its duration, that doesn't mean you should take it away from people. Stealth has been the same ability since vanilla wow till current and people like what is familiar to them. In the previous announcement you guys stated you wanted to make stealth feel more meaningful and bring more power to it. I don't quite understand how putting it on higher CD and a duration is bringing power to it. If this was supposed to be a stealth nerf, make imp stealth cost more TE so that they are forced to take points out of damage and into anti-detection talents. Or if you really wanted to nerf stealth, make it cost more AE like 4-6 instead of 2 giving them less freedom. I dont necessarily want these changes but i think those would be better than stealth on a duration... 6- I also saw a "make pvp gear great again" comment and I would like to see that very much. Resil and Resistance feel almost useless currently. I still get hit by 4k back to back shadowbolts with CD's putting me at 275 shadow resist. This would allow for PVP'ers to have an "advantage" over those PVE's because of the correct gear aka pvp gear has its purpose. The only reason people use it now is because of the insane Str + Agil + SP you can get for hybrids. I suppose this would make the server less "noob" friendly as those with no gear would get crushed in pvp... but they also would have something to "grind" for.
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    Thanks for hearing the populations concern and starting this post. I agree that healing overall needs a nerf, but nerfing a slot (shield) is overall a very bad design. And completely removing haste makes the gameplay stale and boring. 1) Rework the Spell Power Stat To nerf "spell tanks" and offensive caster healing output - go through 60 level, t1,t2,t2.5,t3,pvp sets - and get rid of most spell power on those. As a start, I would divide the X of spell power stat into (0,75 X of spell damage + 0,25 X of spell power) for casters and (0,75 X of spell healing + 0,25 X of spell power) for healers. For example, Nemesis set, gives 203 SP - change that to 152 SPD and 51 SPH. Redemption set - 206 SP change to 154 SPH and 52 SPD. 2) Rework and adjust casting time through talents, to keep 15% haste for everyone. Removing 25% haste, which determines the way both pvp and pve are paced, is too much. a) carefull positioning will become way harder b) long casts will become way more harder to finish - and additional 0.5 second window for enemy interrupts is too much for a sudden increase. For example, Lights Grace - in addition to lowering cast time after a successful cast, make it passively reduce the cast time of Holy Light by 0.3 sec (12% haste sort of). Add a similar effect to Nature's Bounty and so on. Judgements of the Pure - increase haste to 9% or 12% for example. 3) Why is fear-polly-botting still a thing? Why dont fear and polly have at least 5, or better a 10 second CD? People abuse that way too much, casting fear or polly 3-4 times in a row hasnt been adressed. If you are fighting 2-2 and someone starts chaining those two - you can let go of the keyboard.
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    I'm curious to hear about your overall analysis of the PvP meta. My opinion is that PvP is incredibly fast-paced, with big burst and a huge emphasis on avoiding damage (through CDs or CC). The spell mastery nerfs to heal specs are offset by damage nerfs in PvE, can we expect similarly big nerfs (through a resilience buff?) restoring balance in PvP as well? I think that would be great. I also hope, as I have for a long time now, that you start buffing things again. Player power has been going backwards for like 8 months now, which is really problematic considering that character progression is one of the main driving forces in MMOs. Don't you think?
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    Allow mutilate legendary affect be a buff on the player rather then a debuff on the mob, like executes legendary 25% haste, it has a horrible time with target swapping which rogues already have a problem with seeing as they have no effective good aoe.
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    Except most of us have been playing long enough to see the out come of the effects before them even being implemented. We understand how our builds work and how factors will affect them if they get changed. And most people already do test on the ptr.
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    While we're on topic of sustain, maybe it's finally time to make purge and dispel target specific magic effects first and foremost instead of dispelling random crap? It's not that hard to add a simple weight and priority system. Going like hots>barskin-like magic mitigation>PW:S and other bubbles>hard casted buffs>procs>buffs with charges. So tired of using my GCD in attempt to stop hots and dispelling god damn bloody water shield charges. Make mass dispell destroy every single magic effect the target has active instead of just one. This will reward skill, smart play and there would be no need to nerf so hard.
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    I feel like Ascension balance in PvP is about to take a nosedive, can just feel it coming.. The balance team want to steer the buss all of the place. Regarding Spell Mastery... Honestly I would rather have a flat 25% healing nerf than a 25% haste nerf and I'm a healer!.. Don't take away the fun factor just for some lazy fix because SP builds are dominating Most SP builds in the meta are Hybrids without Spell Mastery or Casters that function from Instant casts anyway.
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    Wait. That's not my name. It's Traidable! Or... Traid for short. But not Triad. It's nice to meet you all. I've been playing WoW since Vanilla, and Private Servers for quite a while, too. I'm very excited to try out this server, and hopefully find a new home here. I love the concept and everything about it so far! I am hoping to find a family in this community, and be ONE OF YOU. See you all in-game!
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    Smashing Wickys face without penalty :F 10/10 would be in. VACHINA wants that ass.
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    OAK is a Horde guild on Andorhal, OAK was originally a guild on Cenarius, but with the server merge, OAK became an Andorhal guild. we are currently looking to recruit new members. We accept both experienced and new players! OAK is a PvE progression based raiding guild that is composed of four 10 man raiding teams, as well as a 25 man raiding team! We have a positive and friendly guild environment, with members who are willing to help with whatever is needed. On top of aiming to better ourselves, OAK additionally works to better the Horde on Andorhal as a whole. We run weekly "public raid" events, in which our leadership will run old content (such as Molten Core) and take anyone who wishes to attend, regardless of if they are members of OAK or not. Additionally, OAK hosts various events on Andorhal in an effort to gear up the horde, examples of this include or have included: Silithid Invasions, Scourge Invasions, Faction Leaders and many more! Leadership OAK runs a large scale leadership system. We have three leadership ranks, the Guild Master, the Officers and the Team Leaders. In total, our leadership is composed of 15 members; 1 Guild Master, 6 Officers and 8 Team Leaders. This system is effective and flexible, it allows the Officers to focus on the success of the guild as a whole, while simultaneously allowing Team Leaders to focus on their individual raid teams, to ensure they are operating at a high standard, while also maintaining a positive raid environment. This system has seen great success for OAK, and has allowed three different ten man teams to clear the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj (with a fourth team on its way!) Raid Teams - Green Team - [EU][9/9 AQT] - Raid times are 7PM ST Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. - Red Team - [NA / OCE][9/9 AQT] - Raid times are 5AM ST Saturday and Sunday. - Grey Team - [EU][9/9 AQT] - Raid times are 7PM ST Monday, Wednesday and Friday. - Blue Team - [NA][7/9 AQT] - Raid times are 1AM ST Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. - 25man - [EU][9/9 AQT] - Raid times are 9PM ST Thursday and Friday. Rules and Expectations We have a detailed set of rules and expectations that can best be found on our Discord, invite code: ra6VCJy Rewards OAK is a passionate raiding guild, and while we may not get every Realm First, we do have one or two and we love to push ourselves. We will continue to clear content week after week and gear up those in our guild who wish to raid with us. This means loot for you! We boast a positive environment, where guildees will help with whatever issues you may be facing, be that finding a dungeon group, min-maxing your build or generally just having a good chat. Contact If you wish to join OAK, you are welcome to speak to any of our Team Leaders or Officers on our Discord, invite code: ra6VCJy
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    I disabled his pathing for now. It is working on the development realm, so it probably just needs to be ported onto PTR also.
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    So im a bit confused, Spiderwing in Naxx, was pretty damn good for a first testing, bosses had new mechanics that were fitting etc, But we just tested Plaguewing, and ehm where is the "custom" stuff? Noth spawned adds faster and faster, Heigen just faster dances(?), Loatheb we didn't bother to test as Oak already said it was Undertuned. If the intent of this wing was not to get something extra that is fine (i just expected something as everything else has had something "custom from bwl and up" (BUT if they are intended to have custom mechanics, so am i getting real worried of the overall Naxx dev progress, If you are willing to let people test Plaguewing in its "early" state)
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    Noticed that one today. I made sure someone sent it (new coords) to Kale to get that fixed asap.
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    The best way to get all the updated textures and things and still maintain compatibility with Ascension is to use the ones in the pinned topic by Riko. Any other additions should be grabbed by their respective creators directly on modcraft.io or modelchanging.net. However, I'll include the two patches that aren't available in .MPQ form from their creators. He updates them VERY FREQUENTLY for use with Ascension specifically, pretty much every time one of the patch creators updates it themselves, even though he doesn't update the post every time to reflect that, so check the Google Drive link often. I personally install Leeviathan's character models (link here: http://www.modcraft.io/index.php?topic=13815.0) directly from here afterward as they have optional Boneless Undead, better feet, and helm support, make sure to get it working by renaming them so they are load after Riko's 4 packs. Riko's packs include all the major things from Finsternis including the HD Tilesets, Models, Cataclysm Trees, Cataclysm water, and tons of expansion imports from BFA and below for mobs and doodads like the mailbox, so I'd recommend just getting them from Riko for maximum compatibility with Ascension. I'd say that from this topic, the Blood Spatter (link here, click slow download: https://ulozto.net/!15zSN0Na3Lzp/blood-spatter-mod-by-inico-335a-7z) and Darker Nights {link here, click slow download: https://ulozto.net/!3cu5aTkrZtbx/darker-nights-by-skarn-335a-7z) Patches are the only true worthy additions. I personally use the Blood Spatter mod as well. The problem with Darker Nights, however, is that it's just too dark on the High Risk and PVP servers like Laughing Skull. The main problem with packs like this one is that you'll need to reupload the whole thing whenever the actual creator of each patch updates or fixes a bug. I figured I'd include here while I'm at it, 3 graphics macros that I use for more grass etc. Set these macros AFTER you set up your graphics options. Macro 1: /console farclip 1600 /console horizonFarclipScale 6 /console skycloudlod 3 /console waterDetail 3 /console reflectionMode 3 /console rippleDetail 2 /console shadowmode 3 /console shadowtexturesize 2048 /console particleDensity 100 Macro 2: /console environmentDetail 150 /console groundEffectDensity 256 /console groundEffectDist 600 /console groundEffectFade 1277 /console spellEffectLevel 200 /console ffxGlow 1 /console ffxspecial 1 /console ffxnetherworld 1 /console ffxDeath 1 Macro 3: /console sunshafts 2 /console textureFilteringMode 4 /console terrainMipLevel 0 /console ssao 2 /console ssaoblur 2 /console weatherDensity 3 /console violencelevel 5 /console gxmultisample 8 Lastly, and it's somewhat important. If you ever experience crashes or wow errors, it can be due to wow running out of memory with it's 32bit 2gb of RAM limitation. It is recommended that you patch the WoW.exe with Large Address Aware (link here: https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/large-address-aware.112556/) so your WoW.exe can use more than 2gb of RAM Sorry to hijack your thread a little bit, just trying to help everyone get the absolute most HD experience on this server.
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    The problem with this is population, Andorhal is booming now and Laughing Skull is doing okay. But if you look back at the past, spreading the population over 3 or more realms has never worked. It'd need to be a realm edit in order for it to sustain a population at all imo.
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    Hello friends, please find attached my guide to becoming a Prayer of Healing based healer! Please let me know if you have any questions. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QKe-7yM075MW4gxrNqUjUQ1ZwPRzW626bIkfqEl-0vI/edit#gid=0
  35. 2 points
    Yes there are horde there with PVP specs that are looking to get Glory, WPVP is one of the most efficient ways to get Glory. But I would say the majority there are in PVE specs, or are fresh 60s looking to get geared. Horde sit at an invasion for a LONG time, trying to get everyone major. Horde tends to not down a boss until they've gotten everyone major. Which takes a long time with how many people there are, and especially with late arrivals. Use that to your advantage. The small ally groups can get major much faster than the horde groups, and can move onto new invasions. You can farm on the outskirts, kill a few mobs to get major and then leave for the next invasion. Horde will be there for a long time trying to get all their members Major. They will not touch the boss until the majority of the raid can get rewarded. That time they're spending on the old invasion means Ally can often move onto a new one before Horde can. The other day there was an invasion where 2 ally were watching our horde group, while there was another 60 invasion up with no-one at it. Those Ally could've gone to that new invasion and cleared it before the horde, or gotten major and left, and waited for the Horde to finally arrive to clear and they would've still gotten rewards. As an ally, you can also pull mobs into the horde. I cannot stress how effective this is. A couple banshees into the group will wipe the horde and it only takes 1 player to do it. The larger groups are often too uncoordinated to have everyone FD the mobs.
  36. 2 points
    Get to lvl 60 and then start doing world pvp before you talk about server not being high risk. You will learn yourself why securing 3 slots is curcial... 3 items secured out of 17 total and you even get gold when it hits those slots... Decent amout of gold.... Can´t tell if you are a troll or serious
  37. 2 points
    You get reset to whatever you earned, spent and unspent. So if you earned 615 and spent 500 and have 115 left, you'll start next season with 615. Basically there's no reason to not spend points unless you just can't buy anything.
  38. 2 points
    No its just horrible confusing. If you played season 2. earned a total of let say 500 points, you start seaso 3. with 500 Points. If you spend lets say 400 of that 500 points, you have 100 leftovers that you cant spend. However you still start Season 3 with your total 500 earned. So basicaly, as more seasons you play, as more rewards can you buy with every upcomming season. You get rewardet for sticking to the server long time.
  39. 2 points
    Recruiting sounds great, I'd love to see new players, however, I think the problem here lies in the season design itself. Wildcard is just not fun, you get random spells which most of the time are completely useless. I've seen people with bear form with no abilities that have any synergy whatsoever. The main objective of wildcard was to get tame beast then just let your pet do all the work. If the system was given an overhaul, for example no longer have 1TE spells, or useless spells, non-combat spells it might be a lot better. I'd like to see a possible change where a player can select from a pool of spells, perhaps 3/4 spells are selected and they can pick one. This would allow players to craft and actual meaningful build, rather than just random stuff thrown together that feels incredibly clunky. I can't stress that the amount of new players who for one have no idea how to make builds, and that will get steamrolled by mobs and other players over and over because for one they have no understanding of the system, and also no understanding of how to play with useless spells, will not find this enjoyable. I myself levelled to about 30 on season 2 as a wildcard, recieving about 3/4 abilities I actually used in my main rotation that whole time. That's just my two cents anyway. TL;DR Wildcard needs an overhaul and less useless / non combat abilities. New players will find it hard to stabilise in a useless build.
  40. 2 points
    Ill have to agree with Voodooman, instead of yelling get good and how much one side is good or bad at pvp. Lets come up with a solution so both sides can enjoy the game together.
  41. 2 points
    Man if you stopped being a crybaby and started getting good you could've got some epic loot by now
  42. 2 points
    One thing to know for invasions, is once you get major rank you can leave the area and still get a reward. I think one strategy ally can take is to sit on the far side of the invasion away from horde and quickly farm to major and then leave to the next invasion. When horde clear it, you'll still get your chest, and you can be working on major at the 2nd location. While horde are trying to get every member major at the 1st. Another strategy would be to wipe the horde with the mobs. Multiple banshees usually means a wipe, ally could have a few people pull mobs into the horde to wipe their group. The big thing I've noticed about the horde invasion groups is that they tend to be so large they're fairly uncoordinated, so pulling more mobs is pretty effective. And it'll give the alliance some time to farm mobs while horde respawn and regroup.
  43. 2 points
    git gud. For real though, on your standard invasion you do NOT have a bloody raid full of aqt geared, pvp specced players. I would stay away from UNO members and just get rank, you're about 75% more likely to succeed getting major.
  44. 2 points
    You should be OK to use the live patch
  45. 2 points
    This is really poor in my opinion, I had a whole group ready to test for you, but we're only available to do saturdays. You'd be much better doing a whole week or something...
  46. 2 points
    That would mean implementing custom spells/effects into the mix, I believe it's already a nightmare to balance Ascension as is. I would be cautious with opening the gates to customs spells/skills/effects (meaning non excisting from wrath). That said, Class fantasy wise it's an amazing idea and I would love to be a Furbolg shaman instead of say tree of life form So perhaps it can be a visual change, instead of Boomkin? Transmog option perhaps, as transmogs don't show in shapeshifts anyway.
  47. 2 points
    Hey! HealBot will be recognising you as a druid basically and thus only showing you things that a druid (on 3.3.5) would be able to dispel. If you have basic LUA knowledge you can go into the addon files and edit them, this will allow you to force healbot to show all types of dispelable harmful effects. Let me know how you go!
  48. 1 point
    Feels rather shitty not being able to haste cap yourself anymore...some healer paths just feel like unfinished archetypes. Would much rather see a dampening in throughput rather than haste sources. With the length of time Spell Mastery has been around for, it's one of those things you would really want to leave for deprecation in an expansion transition, i.e TBC. On that note, bring back passive Netherwind Presence :V
  49. 1 point
    I'm hoping people will bitch about things that matter like getting cure poison as your lvl 12 skill in season 3
  50. 1 point
    So is this wiki project dead or ?

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