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    Please remain polite and on the topic. This "heads up" is so that players know what we plan for the future and so it can be discussed in a civil and constructive manner. Wicky is spending quite some time reading, responding and considering all the feedback posted on here. So please do him and yourself the favor of keeping this focused. Thank you all for your feedback.
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    I agree. Healers are basically unkillable. Like yesterday we've been trying to assault a flag on AB, me +2 other well geared guys. Enemy healer (Dave) was defending. We just couldnt kill him. And I do TONS of dmg on my own to anyone else. Then another enemy healer came and it was 8 of us trying to kill these 2 before some of us just gave up. Insane damage absorbs, strong hots, instant heals, defensive cd after defensive cd. Cant even interrupt their heals cuz either immune of cast just doesnt break. If melee at least has to sacrifice dmg to be tanky, healer can invest abit in his main heal and then he has dozens of free APs and TPs to spend on survivability. I dont know what to do with healers in PvP. I just know they are unkillable and thats bad. Maybe while you're at agi>heal throat, also nerf healing all over the board in PvP. And remove dmg reduction effects from several talents.
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    So i tested my pure Pet Build on the ptr on dummys, both the normal 60s and the Lucifron one, and did some duels in 1v1 arena. First i wanna confirm that all changes you did to Hunter Abilities are aktiv and working. Iam not sure if tooltipps are all correctly. So next i wanna point at two bugs, one old and one new(??). 1. Aspect of the Beast can still be apllyed to the Pet - Pet gets dismissed - Aspect of the Hawk aktivated - Pet resummoned - it still has Aspect of the Beast. 2. Raptors Savage Rend no longer gets applied by Claw as it should be and now is correctly triggered by Savage Rend. However - Its triggered from non crits, it should only be triggered by critical hitts of Savage Rend. http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Savage_Rend Slashes the enemy with the raptor's talons for X damage, and causes the target to bleed for Y damage every 5 sec for 15 sec. Successful critical strikes with this ability temporarily boost the raptor's attack power. Now to the changes regarding Pet damage. 1. Go for the Throat now restores 15/30 focus, from 25/50, and has a 2 sec internal cooldown. Further down i linked my build. I dont use Go for the Throat talent, instead i used 1. Go for.. Rare Quality RE. On PTR testing that one RE wasnt enougth to provide the needet Focus to my Pets, however with 2 RE´s its fine. I feared that change would "kill" Pet Builds, however it seems fine to me. In the end that Change cost me 5% Damage since i needet to exchange 1. Unleashed Fury Re for the second Go for.. . Again, seems fine iam ok with that. 2. Savage Rend (Raptor pet ability) now procs when Savage Rend is used and increase all damage by 5%. Nothing to say here rearly, with the 5% nerf Raptor and Wolf Pet are extremly close to each other now and Raptor no longer gets an damage increase that makes him that much stronger than anny other Pets. Over the entire curve of my tests, Wolf seem slightly ahead now, but thats totally fine. I still wanna point at the bug i mentioned previously, that the Buff only should trigger from Savage Rend Criticals. 3. Beast Mastery no longer increases tamed pet damage by 10%. So that the one change that seems missplaced. Correct me if iam wrong, but i thought you wanted to nerf Pets because they are to strong in PvP enviroment. Yes the missing 10% are a reduction to thair damage, but sadly to thair overall damage. With this reduction and the other changes to Pets i lost arround 400 Dps under the same conditions from live server (Buffs aktiv). I did some duels in 1v1 Arena and infront OG and as i expected, the damage of my Pet is still extrem during Bestial Wrath. With extrem i mean numbers annywhere between 1-3K /2 seconds. So i wanna sugest: Return the 10% damage increase to Beast Mastery and instead reduce Bestial Wrath damage increase to reduce the 10-12 second window where the Pets deal that intense damage while being unstoppable. I Would sugest to reduce Bestial Wrath down to 20% (yes 30% less) and see where this is going. Iam pretty sure that will remove the situation where player feel like they cant do annything against the Pets except pop Divine shield, Ice Block or major damage reduction. Also you may want to think about removing the CC immunity during Bestial Wrath, since you allready concider to take a look at effects that provide immunity to movement impairing effects. in the end the changes seem fine for PvE. Its a nerf, but not as hard as i expected. Still i doubt you reached your goal to fight the power of Pets in PvP and i hope you think about my sugestion. Will do tests to the other Hunter changes the next days and post again. Here the Pet Build i use on both live and PTR. https://project-ascension.com/development/builds#/talentsandabilities/editor/?hash=:136:781:1038:1126:1130:1510:1953:2458:2842:3044:3045:4987:5384:8017:8075:13161:13165:19891:20217:29166:56641:965200:965202:1303t3:1361t1:1386t1:1396t5:1397t3:1659t1:1756t1:1794t3:1799t2:1802t5:1803t1:1804t2:1806t3:1812t3:2136t2:2137t3:2139t1:2140t3:2227t5:2228t3:
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    @itswicky It would be cool if u guys could take a look at traps again. I myself have started playing it but the dmg is lacking also its dispellable. My suggestion is to give it a pure dmg buff. Because 800 ticks on squishes that can dispell it is to low. Remove the option to dispell it. After making a complete build around the trap for it to get dispelled is very sad. Last off I would like to talk about slow immune. I have not seen anyone bring up that everyone is slow immune and it’s unfun and the only counter is to become slow immune urself. Always forcing people to get slow immune is not fun for the game. This slow immune thing is the most unfun thing on ascension ever. You insta lose to anyone that is slow immune if ur not. And as a melee trying to catch up to a caster without being able to slow em is ridiculous.
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    So there's something i just don't understand, why only give frost compensation, what about fire and arcane that also uses this exact talent/re. Are you just gonna leave them alone? -Feeni
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    @Wicky, please don't apologize for communicating (even if it sounds like alot). I personally enjoy hearing from devs and am saddened when they are scarred away into releasing info on a very rare basis. Thank you for the update and for these changes. I think the holy caster, and pet builds needed some tuning back a bit, so good job on that. And I really do dig the updates to 2H and shock skills. Looking forward to trying them out on live.
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    Currently it is both PPM based and affects spells. This will help us to better balance around the sustain of those abilities rather than having to worry about larger multipliers like this stacked and also keeps the big Eviscerates in PvP a bit more in check.
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    So the idea is simple and more of a question, would it be possible to perhaps bring down seed of corruption and/or mind sear to 60 and tune it accordingly of course so that shadow spec have a viable aoe spell? Since I can't afford the random RE I have to run flamestrike which doesn't take any benefit from my shadow dmg increase talents. Naturally the RE have to be taken into consideration so shadow doesn't become a ticking time-bomb with both RE and a shadow aoe spell. It would be nice to put flamestrike on the shelf and use the full potential of a shadow spec for aoe situations which in dungeons tends to be a lot and you're always left in the dust to other aoe spells that takes full benefit from the players talent choices that synergies with their single target spells as well.
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    Its 8700 dmg in half a second. Make fun of that, mr. "I now PvP"
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    From the likes of the one we already have (20% casting speed for holding caster items or staves) and some other for more fun in the game: *Artisan 1AE: Increases Gathering and Crafting speed by 50%. *Patriotism 2AE: reduces the cooldown of your racial ability by 33%. *Homesick 1 AE: reduces the cooldown of your Hearthstone by 50%. *Citizen 1AE: you run 30% faster while you are on a city and are out of combat. (run, swim, mount, etc), stacks. *Improved Rest 1AE: increases the effectivity of your rest ability by 100%. Crafting Masteries (These ones are suggestions for abilities that can be unlocked depending on your profession, I must add the bonus stat added by any of these are LOW and their main goal is utility and resource generation, you can only unlock 3 in total from the different professions you have, so you can't unlock them all😞 ---Mining: *Earth's Gift: summons a random mining source to collect. (60 sec cooldown). Also opening a mine now grants money too. *Titan's Hunger: allows you to consume gems, ingots, and stones, all for different benefits (restores life and mana overtime and grants you an small food buff, each buff is different depending on the mineral -the buff is small yet scales a bit with level, all the mineral buffs, even the high level minerals grant a buff of the same level-). *Stone Carving: allows you to summon some reagents and stone-like material, like portal stones and such for free (cooldown). ---Herb Gathering: *Gaia's gift: summons a random herb to be gathered (60 sec cooldown). Also opening a herb also grants money too. *Artemis' Touch: your equipped bows, wands, staves, and crossbows no longer suffer durability damage, and your equipped arrows are no longer consumed. *Vegetarian: allows you to consume herbs for different benefits (restores life and mana overtime and grants you an small food buff, each buff is different depending on the mineral -the buff is small yet scales a bit with level, all the mineral buffs, even the high level minerals grant a buff of the same level-). ---Skinning: *Claws and Bones: skinning now also allows you to collect bones, meat and feathers for vendor trash or reagents. Also allows you to craft fist weapons and other weapons with collected claws and bones. *Disguise of the Beast: disguises you as that same NPC beast or creature (as long as it is not elite) you last skinned. Using any ability or taking damage removes the disguise. *Gifts of the Entrails: you are now able to cannibalize beasts, healing you and afterwards granting a buff for 3 minutes. Forsaken get this buff when they cannibalize normally too. ---Blacksmithing: *Grinder: allows your grinding stone buff to stack with other weapon enchantments on you, also allows you to detect the nearest gays in 3 miles. *Hephaestus Gift: your mail and plate armor no longer suffer durability damage, nor does your weapons or shields (except staves, bows, crossbows, wands and such). And allows you to summon an anvil to forge and repair your items any time. *Coining: allows you to forge coins directly out of copper, silver and gold ingots for a good profit. ---Alchemy: *Wild Transmutation: transforms an item into another random item (has a cooldown). The greater the item offered the more chance it is something better. *Spirituous Nature: allows you to learn how to craft spirituous drinks and grants bonuses depending on how drunk your character is, the more drunk the better. *The Universal Ingredient: allows you to craft an universal ingredient which can be used only by you for any recipe. Has a cooldown. ---Jewelcrafting: *Hearthgem: converts your hearthstone into a Hearthgem, only usable by you. Hearthgem can be attached instead to any vendor or flight path and not only to an innkeeper. *Gemology: allows you to craft a gem emblem, you can only have one, as long as it is in your inventory it grants an unique bonus which depends on the gem and your level. It can be activated for a fun utility ability. Gem Emblems are soulbound, and can't be used by others. *Elemental Catalyst: allows you to obtain gems from elementals and some useful and consumable catalysts for later use (like allowing you to keep the bracers used to bind elementals and stuff). ---Leatherworking: *Hardened Skin: your leather items no longer suffer durability damage and your leather reinforcements now also stack with enchantments in YOUR items. *Shed the Skin: allows you change your skin tone, hair and some other details whenever you want, and may allow access to some hidden ones without paying. *Beastcraft: allows you to summon and craft beast guardians from leather, bone, meat and claws collected, they deal damage and have some useful abilities, but their main duty is to be small and cute (they work like an small fight companion). You might also unlock special pet models with this if you have the tame pet ability. ---Tailoring: *Magic Pouch: allows you to craft a magic pouch which goes in your inventory, it can be used like a bag inside your bag, has only 6 slots. Only usable by you. *Banner of War: allows you to craft a banner of war (design can be chosen) to be wielded in your inventory. Displays a flag on you (like on capture the flag) and grants some small bonuses. *Gifts of Arachne: killing spiders now also grants cloth, and killing humanoids now also grants spider silk. You may also summon a bolt of cloth to collect random cloth or spider silk from it. ---Enchanting: *Arcane Smithing: your oils and enchanting potions now stack with other item enchantments (like warlock stones, shaman enchants and such). *Revolving the Sands: disenchating items now also grants money, and you are now able to select as you wish the random enchant on items like -the falcon, gorilla, whale, owl, eagle, of power, of healing, of nature wrath, etc-. Doing this does not bind the items to you -in this way we may make enchanting more easy to level and may allow enchanters to generate some extra gold-. *Consume Essence: allows you to consume elemental and enchanting dust and essences for some food bonuses. ---Inscription: *Master Writings: allows scrolls to stack with your class buffs ON YOU. Also increases the bonuses granted by your scrolls, and allows you to craft protection scrolls and resistance scrolls (magic resistance). *Inscribe Spell: allows the inscriber to write an spell into an scroll for later use or to sell it, it is a separate ability but allows the inscriber to unlock a whole new craft of scrolls for use. *Bookworm: the books crafted by inscription now all scale with level, same as their abilities (so now they can be used as endgame items regardless). ---Engineering: *God of Ammo: your ammunition never runs out, and you are able to use higher level ammunition +10 levels. Consider adding extra level ammunition higher than 80. *Mechalord's Airdrop: a package falls right in front of you (cooldown), containing random engines for your usage. *Terrorism: bombs now scale slightly with your level and stats (scale better depending on the bomb's level). ---Cooking: *Spirit Fire: increases the bonuses granted by your firepit and the distance of the aura, and they now scale with level ON YOU. *Yummy: being well fed now also grants another bonus wich is equal to 4 to all stats (+0.10 per level) = 10 at level 60. *Supplies: summons a supply box with cooking ingredients. ---First Aid: *Stuck on Bandages: unlocks special armor made with bandages. Can be used for transmog. *Lifeline: you are now able to use bandages on yourself while on battle, also reduces their cast time. *Mummy: allows the creation of small mummy companions, as long as they are active you receive an small healing effect that scales with your level each 10 seconds.
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    Will be fixed with new patch, which is now available for download. I've updated the link. I will be restarting Dagger shortly.
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    Tested most hybrid changes on the PTR: * Fiery Retributer is still BiS which also mean Lava Lash is still not worth using. * Legendary REs could still use a slight improvement. Stormstrike + DW spec (enhance) + 3.5k AP + 900 SP and Stormbringer is only hitting for 600 on a target that has CoE * Sanctity of Battle is very overloaded, and the Consecrate effect looks very strong. It's also quite annoying to have the Exorcism missing, since 2H hybrids generally do not benefit from going past the 8% hit cap for melee specials. The Hammer of Wrath currently doesn't seem to deal bonus damage or consume the buff, too. Good to see the RE changed too, was a pleasant surprise. * Empowered Stormstrike doesn't cost TE, and the icon is ugly. Also the fire and frost bonus damage doesn't work. The 'Shock' effect is good tho * Exorcism is very decent now, and the healing is nice too. * Reverberation: Not really that great. You can get Earth Shock to hit decently hard if you spend GCDs on frost shock (low dmg) or flame shock (the periodic dmg isn't boosted)... But you could get the same result by just picking Bloodthirst instead, for less TE and better damage overall. Tried this will all raid buffs on me and all debuffs (inc CoE and sunder to compare) on the dummy. * Honor Among Thieves: Current bugged and doesn't generate CP all the time even if it's not in ICD. But even if it was not bugged, just by looking at it, this talent went from amazing to meh. Most melee builds I tried now feel extremely clunky with their combo point generation compared to before... the 2s ICD (which is actually 3s because most melee attacks have 1.5s GCD anyway), the fact that you can't have your teammates generate CP for you while you are away from boss (another nerf to melees' downtime) and the fact that it doesn't proc from spells (rip maelstrom hybrids combo point generation) just turned this talent into absolute crap in my opinion * Disappointed at the lack of Static Shock buffs * The DW spec talent is very decent and really helps maelstrom hybrids, which were slightly struggling compared to other hybrid specs (but the fact that honor among thieves is destroyed results in an overall nerf) Overall, DW hybrids have decent talents, but there is no RE they can use. When 6% of your damage comes from Flametongue, 7% from Frostbrand, 7% from Fire Strike, 17% from melee attacks and 15% from fireballs, none of the stacking REs feel useful at all. EDIT: * Empowered Stormstrike is definitely not giving 2,5% of AP as Nature Damage, it is way lower * Go for the Throat RE doesn't indicate it has an ICD
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    this is exactly what I wanted. Thanks a ton, you guys are what keeps this server running 😃
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    Hey, thank you for answering! I've redownloaded the game 2 times now and it finally worked
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    Oh allrighty!! Sorry for my impatience my good sir
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    I think one interesting way to take mutilate is maybe allowing it to buff the damage of bleeds on the target as well. Could get a poison/bleed melee DoT Archetype out of, and move some power from Mutilate into Rupture/Garrote (with serrated blades talent) which would also move it away from being a 1 button build.
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    I like the fact that you didnt include any talks about that being in PVE and not PVP you will never see 5.7k crits on a player from a pet, so stop with the BS about everything
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    itswicky: you'll do everyone a huge favor and it will be your best QoL improvement in months if you make mystic runes and shards boe and sellable through AH. It is the most in demand thing and everyone has to deal with time consuming and annoying death trade
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    Do you even PvP bro? Agi > heal went out of hand due to how strong it is. There are some agiheal melees on LS that just never die (even with healing debuff on them) unless you have 5 well geared people nuking them at once. Loosing 10% dmg wont do much since it only delays for few seconds till they kill you anyway. Problem is with strong non stop heals, so yes, its really important to tune those down.
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    Itswicky: what about making Stormstrike refresh lightning shield charges to the maximum charges... its called STORMstrike...do something with it... this would also make up the nerfs youve given to the talent.
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    Does not generate rage, has a shorter cooldown than charge. No. Curses are still considered as an a less present, less frequently used type of school, yet if you take remove curse, you know also what you are good against. In PvE, casters and healers already have enough AE to go around. The power of this is fine within the 2 AE range. Something else than +% healing preferably. Druid already has far too many healing multipliers with REs. You have King of the Jungle for that. Rejuv is unable to crit by default already????? 2% base mana cost and 30 yd range. One affects melee and the other affects global - two different buff auras. It is intended and always has been. If you have an opinion regarding the accessibility of total attack power, look at individual abilities instead, not buff stacking rules. What's the point of the root if all it does is stack DR at a one second duration? Already has double the mana cost of curse of exhaustion and is a magic effect, i.e easily removed unless you have Arcane Subtlety. Arcane Concentration and Unrelenting Storm both give 1%. It already is. Reread the tooltip. No need to trivialize mana more. Replenishment is strong enough as it is. Everything else is something I'd rather not comment on or have not gotten around to yet. Nice initiative, though.
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    Hello everyone! I've spent some time to create a PvP montage video titled "Tjoval the Lightbringer". I hope people will watch it and give some feedback PS; The clips I've used is before and after nerf if you have any questions please either comment on this forum post or on youtube ^-^
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    Well I can think of a couple potential ways to help resolve the issue but not unbalance the game too much. For starters, faction guards are a pivotal tool in keeping world pvp in check in certain areas. If you are turning in a quest, the last thing you want is someone killing that person or you just as you are about to turn it in. Guards keep enemy players in check. The stronger the guards, the more players are needed to attack an area. If a single person decides to invade a town it will be a lot harder for that person to cause trouble if the guards can wipe that person out as soon as they try to cause trouble. Another idea is what I like to call the seesaw buff. The game can automatically determine how many people are on a realm and if the imbalance is great enough they will give a slight buff to the side with less of a population. Say for example, alliance has 50 people on while the horde has 10. The horde will get a small buff that increases xp/rep gains by 10%. This buff will change incrementally based on how imbalanced it is. Those who see this imbalance will want to come over to the horde side thus slowly decreasing the buff until the population is more evenly balanced. It will not be seriously game breaking cause no damage is being done to the alliance. There are just a smaller group of horde players getting faster to max level. The alliance may have more people there but the horde is gonna be able to get to max level a little faster thanks to the buff.
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    Use Borderless Gaming. Its a free windows program that I use, just make sure you have PA in Windowed mode(Not maximized), then run Borderless gaming as Administrator!

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