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  4. there is a guide somewhere in the forums telling u how to connect using winebottler with mac
  5. did a quick peek, battle shout and blessing of might don't stack in wrath so no need to have it. Battle shout isn't good either in most cases. your spreading out your abilitys and talents to thin, raptor strike and heroic strike aren't good to have in one build as both go off a weapon swing. if your going mutilate having any other ability that uses energy that's not a finisher is a waste as you won't have enough energy to sustain both. combat experience is bad maybe it works for melee hunter but I can't image it being good for anything. kidney shot doesn't work on bosses as far as I'm aware and most raid mobs so it's a moot point in useing it. battle stance is better if your going more physical damage. if your going to use poisons then invent in vile and deadly or just switch to whirlwind as they'll get you more average damage especially when your swapping targets. Ptr is open as far as I know I'd suggest using it rather then waiting for people on the fourms to tell you what's good or not, you'll get more bang for you buck.
  6. This is a good suggestion. I'll end up with the same problem. I picked Arcane Barrage and a few talents that make it benefit Arcane Missiles. However it turns that Arcane Barrage kinda sucks and it doesn't really help my Arcane Missiles enough to be worth it. So I'll be swapping it out eventually when devs finally get Fragments of Scrolls of Fortune working for another ability. Shame I won't be able to choose the new ability to replace it. But yeah you're right. We should be allowed to re-choose that last level 60 ability talent. Or the devs should just remove the option to choose alltogether.
  7. Couldn't you run a emulator for windows on mac and play it through their? also I don't think ascension will come to mac ever, no idea tho seeing as I don't use mac.
  8. Wouldn't a possible simpler solution to this rather than making a whole new skill would be to add an epic or legendary RE. Change Water Elemental to Ghostly Shade (Converts the model to the one you have in your pic.) Converts Water Elementals attacks to Shadow abilities instead(Still benefits from talents and RE's that affect Water Elemental.) Perhaps with some up/downside Increases Cooldown but increases Duration. Decreases Cooldown but decreases Duration. Decreased base Dmg, but dmg scales off % Player Int. Would in theory be easier to balance as it's working off the base of an existing skill.
  9. Hey guys, i personally cant stop playing ascension atm so when i am in school i would love to be able to play on my macbook. Does a mac client exist or do you know if one is coming? Is it only me that would like one?
  10. As I am very new to the server, I am trying to come up with a fun melee build for fast attacks with a high crit chance with it. I would enjoy some feedback on this build to see some things I should change or things I should take it. Thank you very much. https://project-ascension.com/development/builds#/talentsandabilities/summary/?hash=:78:100:168:324:408:588:687:781:853:1126:1243:1752:1766:1833:1953:2458:2842:2973:2983:5171:6673:8232:8936:19740:21084:53407:965200:157t5:201t2:221t5:223t1:270t5:274t2:382t1:602t3:1122t5:1303t3:1362t3:1581t5:1702t3:1719t1:1804t2:1827t2:2228t3:
  11. Yesterday
  12. I installed the launcher and then began installing the game but then realized I did not have enough space available when the download stopped. After getting errors ever since I have tried uninstalling the launcher and reinstalling it and now am getting " Total startup failure due to: 'System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Ascension.Utils.Settings.XmlHelper.GetSettingValue(String key) at Ascension.Launcher.Utils.GameFolder.GameFolderSet() at Ascension.Launcher.App.<Application_Startup>d__4.MoveNext()'"
  13. I changed the pass to not having any symbols and still no dice
  14. Entered my account name and password, the exact ones i just used to log in and it told me its invalid, so i logged out of the launcher and logged in again, it was correct then at the game's log in didnt work. Is there some sort of hidden account name or password im missing?
  15. Yes, happens to me as well. Not consistently, but does happen. Right now, just hanging at "Connected".
  16. I cannot login to Elune. It just says "connect" and wont login from there. The other serves work, just not Elune. Anyone got the same problem? can anyone help with this? Thank:)
  17. The unlearned points will go straigtt into a random spell though. I did the same mistake. /cheer for hunters mark on my caster.
  18. Actually you can reset your talents either individually by paying gold or with talent resets (purple button next to the stat allocation one and the one where you learn talents).
  19. There's a reason i posted this in suggestions.
  20. Guest

    Lockpicking as a Trade Skill

    As the title says. I believe that Lockpicking should be treated as a trade skill, specifically a primary profession. This would increase the usage of Lockpicking substantially, as it would no longer take up two ability essences, and would be a good option for players that haven't chosen a profession or have no use for the current professions.
  21. Vight

    Lvl 60 talents

    speak to a gm they might help
  22. Talking about the wildcard seasonal elune
  23. Guest

    Shadow Caster PvP Build

    Hey i made this build for pvp any criticism or suggestions? https://project-ascension.com/builds#/talentsandabilities/summary/?hash=:172:589:642:781:1044:1243:1454:1490:1953:2139:2944:5782:6789:8024:19263:19876:20217:45438:87t1:88t2:482t2:521t1:641t3:881t2:1003t5:1007t2:1021t2:1669t4:1670t1:1756t1:1764t3:1779t1:1876t5:1878t3:1906t2:1908t1:1910t1:1923t1:2041t1:2053t1:2205t2:2245t1:2267t3:
  24. Greetings! We're back up now!
  25. Last week
  26. I saw some people were having long ques to get into the server but i have not been able to connect since yesterday before the patch. Been trying for 7 hours now and no luck. Not sure if everyone is having this problem or a select few but i have not seen them say anything about problems in a while.
  27. yeah after downloading patch this morning i have not been able to connect to elune for almost 7 hours now. i was able to play the other servers earlier but now i cant even do that not sure whats going on they said they were fixing it but nothing for a while now.
  28. It's more blizzlike in progression then anything else. You're playing on a season server which is currently set to wildcard meaning you don't get to choose your abilitys just talents, andorhal and ls are the options you want to pick if you want to choose abilitys. currently the season is the most popular as it's the freshest, andorhal is the most stable server and the most popular when seasonal isn't around. ls is pretty much dead so I wouldn't go their if you plan on casual play or wanting to raid on a constant bases.
  29. not sure what server you are on, but you can infact change talents by right clicking on them for 25gold per talent.
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